Nobody does three-wheelers like Vanderhall and the latest one to roll off the production floor is another showstopper. Let’s just say that its design might not appeal to everyone in general. Nonetheless, those who appreciate unique rides will love what it offers. It’s 2020 catalogue showcases the Carmel, which just like other models in the lineup are for open-top cruising. However, it’s clearly a tier above the rest when it comes to luxurious embellishments.

While almost every other carmaker is switching over to all-electric platforms, traditional combustion engines are still very much in demand. As such, Vanderhall is giving its clients a choice between the Venice, Carmel, and Edison 2. The first two are your gas-guzzling options, while the latter is the zero-emission superstar. We can talk about the eco-friendly version another day so let’s get back to what makes the Carmel an awesome machine.

Hearing that it is powered by a 1.5-liter LFV turbocharged straight-four engine with a six-speed automatic transmission might sound underwhelming at first. However, after understanding the potential numbers 194 horsepower can deliver with a lightweight aluminium unibody frame, jaws will drop. Performance and handling should be top-tier with its F1-inspired pushrod suspension system.

The Vanderhall Carmel is available in three trims starting at $34,950 and peaking at $43,950 for the range-topper. A removable cap shade is ready to protect you from the elements, but owners will likely want to keep the top open for maximum enjoyment. Finally, for extra comfort, the seats come with built-in heating so you don’t freeze to death driving in colder climates.

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Images courtesy of Vanderhall