As the market for smaller, more fuel-efficient transportation grows, the autocycle is finally coming into its own instead of just remaining a novelty vehicle. Vanderhall Motor Works of Provo, Utah has decided to enter that market, not with some cheap putt-about but by creating an exclusive, high-performance autocycle, the Venice ($29,950).

The hand-built, 1,375-pound Vanderhall Venice features a carbon composite body, three point front wheel drive system, a turbo-charged 4 cylinder engine in the front, and a 6 speed auto-manual transmission. As for sportscar performance, the Venice can make the 0 to 60 mph jump in less than 5 seconds while the ABS braking system stops that 60 mph in less than 100 feet. This roadster seats two people in the open cockpit and has a 4,600 cubic inch rear cargo bay, plus a 600 Watt BT Sound system to blast your favorite tunes while you’re speeding like Justin Bieber a maniac. It is surprisingly stable and claims to provide road-hugging agility. The Venice comes in three exterior colors – Metallic Black, Metallic Grey, and Pearl White.