Let’s just say that you want to take a break from driving around in your exotic supercar. Perhaps a buddy has been bugging you about cycling and its health benefits. Assuming that you are spending a fortune on your two-wheeler, Vadolibero is offering a classy storage solution. Designed as an elegant piece of furniture – the DOMUS R3 — to enhance any space within your home.

Much like high-performance vehicles, some road bikes from leading brands can cost as much as a supercar. The design, materials, and technology these bring to the table are undeniably top-notch. So, you might want to show it off for everyone else to gawk at. The DOMUS R3 and its craftsmanship make that all happen.

It may look like a fancy rack to hang your clothing, but it comes with multiple storage options for your bike and gear. Instead of just a straight rod of satin-polished stainless steel, it is intentionally shaped like the Vadolibero emblem – a stylized handlebar.

The underside features touch-enabled LED lighting to draw all eyes to your ride and accessories when the sun goes down. A regenerated leather mat protects the wooden surface of the base from scratches. Meanwhile, a stainless-steel clamp keeps your bicycle upright on the DOMUS R3.

Cubicles and drawers below provide more space for all kinds of stuff. Wooden pegs let you hang helmets, shades, headphones, and more. Choose between black oak, dark brown oak, Canaletto walnut, and natural oak for the solid wood frame. The Vadolibero DOMUS R3 is a striking bike storage system befitting your precious mechanical steed.

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Images courtesy of Vadolibero