Have you ever thought of other cool and unique ways to listen to music? Generally, people either use speakers, headphones, earbuds, and bone-conduction technology to enjoy their tunes. Moreover, most prefer to either sit or lie down and just let the rhythm take over. Meanwhile, a design team based in Denmark shares a concept they call the XEO POD.

We’ve heard from self-proclaimed audio snobs that they prefer to be seated when the beat begins. Meanwhile, others prefer a more intimate setup wherein they allocate a room and deck it out with speakers precisely positioned to deliver 360 degrees of immersion.

Regrettably, not everyone has the space or resources to turn one room into a special sanctuary of sound, Hence, we have Swift Creatives Studio to thank for a futuristic piece of furniture engineered for acoustic enthusiasts. What the XEO POD brings to the table is more than just sleek style and ergonomics.

Take the plunge as this platform is outfitted with multiple speakers (20 units) arranged accordingly for a completely immersive auditory experience. The Danish firm seems to have more than just music in mind as the plush upholstered and cushioned interior cradle you comfortably.

When hooked up to a gaming console or PC, the XEO POD becomes a must-have for gamers who want to feel like they’re in the middle of the action. A retractable overhead camera tracks your head’s position and automatically tweaks the sound in real time for added impact.

Should you choose to integrate this chair with your rig, there is an optional swivel arm for mounting a 42″ TV or a multi-monitor setup. A side table is likewise outfitted with a cup holder and a wireless charging pad. The XEO POD’s exterior is covered in triangular panels. It’s presented in two colorways: Starship White and The Dark Side.

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Images courtesy of Swift Creative Studio