After flying under the radar for quite some time, we’re finally learning about what Opel is developing behind the scenes. You all know by now that every carmaker intends to retire their petrol-powered lineup in the coming years, which is why EVs are the next logical step. Hence, the Stellantis subsidiary previews a concept called the Experimental.

The aptly named model implies that there are several features on board that would be considered cutting-edge. To be honest, what would convince those still on the fence regarding EVs is battery technology that significantly boosts mileage. Range anxiety is reportedly the top reason why most motorists refuse to ditch cars with internal combustion engines just yet.

What Opel proposes, unfortunately, has nothing to do with just how far the electric crossover can get on a single charge. Instead, we’re treated to an extremely clean design that places emphasis on aerodynamics. According to sources, the Experimental is one of many that relies on its parent company’s STLA Medium architecture.

Its striking exterior does away with elements that could just add drag. While other EVs swap out their side mirrors for rear-facing cameras mounted on fins, Opel does away with it completely. The imaging systems are integrated with the C-pillars of the Experimental. Conveying its all-electric attributes are the slim LED headlights, illuminated emblem, and geometric body panels.

The rear mimics the placement of the LEDs and light-up branding albeit in red. According to Opel, drivers not only view important information on digital displays but artificial intelligence and voice control enhance the driving experience. Several advanced safety systems are likewise in place to give owners an edge in any situation. We hope to learn more about the Experimental’s spec sheet later on.

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Images courtesy of Opel