Affluent clients typically commission shipbuilders to build magnificent vessels for luxurious journeys across the seas. As such, superyachts or megayachts are generally outfitted with a wide range of top-shelf amenities to keep passengers happy. Meanwhile, Feadship just announced that the fourth hull under its Gallant Lady series — christened the Ice Bear — is up for sale.

At a glance, this 166-footer flaunts a sporty silhouette, which may surprise interested parties given it was launched in 1988. The Netherlands-based group also notes that it was previously named the Royal Pacific. Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects deserves credit for its sleek profile, which has withstood the test of time and remains a jaw-dropping beauty,

The Ice Bear flaunts an interior decorated with a classic motif in mind. According to documentation, the volumes within underwent a revamp a little over a decade ago to add a splash of contemporary furniture. Nevertheless, bold wooden elements remain the dominant aesthetic of almost every space inside.

Paola D. Smith and Associates were in charge of the interior design, while the exterior was assigned to Studio De Voogt. Apart from its elegant stature, sources were quick to point out the Ice Bear’s unique selling point. Instead of the usual beach club and lounge, the aft is where anglers can have the time of their life.

Yes, this 36-year-old watercraft features teak fighting chairs, fishboxes, an ice chipper, rod stowage compartments, livewells, and more. The Ice Bear is propelled up to 15 knots by twin Caterpillar 3512 TA engines at 1,175 bhp each. Up to 10 guests can enjoy thrilling battles against legendary pelagic species or just observe the action from above.

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Images courtesy of Feadship