Watches are a style necessity for men. Gentlemen wearing watches look good, feel good, and make good impressions. You can compare watches on The Watch Pages when you want to know about various brands, but the URWERK brand brings precision and modern styling to a single watch. Read more when improving your style and searching for great watches.

What is URWERK ?

URWERK is a Swiss watchmaker creating beautiful watches in black and green for motorcyclists and more. The URWERK watch UR-220 features a black face, green numbers, and an arrow pointing to the minutes instead of the hours.

These watches look great when you dress in modern clothing, and their unique style attracts attention.

Why is the URWERK UR-220 Unique?

The UR-220 has a black face, green numbers, and green hashes. The hand on the watch faces the bottom where the minutes are located. The watch moves from right to left over each hour moves back to the right at the top of each hour. Three spokes on the watch feature the hour, the day, and the month.

The UR-220 is a different type of watch. Reading the watch takes time as you learn how URWERK builds their pieces. They use the best in Swiss timing and modern designs to improve your signature look.

Who Needs the UR-220?

The UR-220 is a wonderful watch for guys who love riding, modern styling and standing out on the street. Casual clothing looks great with a funky watch. This watch grabs the attention of everyone in the office. Your boss wants to know about the UR-220, and your coworkers envy your watch design. Wear this watch to meetings, present plans to the board, and attend business dinners sporting this beautiful timepiece.


The UR-220 features a titanium and carbon caseback standing up to high temperatures, high impact, and more. Sapphire crystal on the inside features a reflective coating, and the UR-220 resists water up to three meters. Swim with the UR-220, ride in the rain, and work with your hands with the utmost confidence.

50 jewels, a Swiss lever, monometallic balance, a flat balance spring, a single mainspring barrel, 48-hour power reserve, and a manual winding system make this watch a technological feat. These watches feature the parts you find in the finest vintage timepieces. Handmade by experts, you see the difference when strapping on the watch. You even sync the watch with your bike and see the oil change indicator while riding.

Buy the UR-220 Today

When you want a new watch, consider URWERK and the UR-220 for motorcycle rides and modern style. The ergonomic design of the strap and green splashes of color make a big difference. This is not your dad’s watch, and it is more than a funky watch for guys on a motorcycle. Yes, you can sync this watch to your bike, or you can wear this watch in public to attract the compliments you want. Women and men alike will see this watch and love your style.