To be honest, the first time we saw the Urbet Ego from the side, its silhouette reminded us of a helmet with two wheels. Kidding aside, this odd-looking ride’s retrofuturistic aesthetics will definitely turn heads. Moreover, the fact that it is an all-electric transport should interest some of you. Perhaps it’s the peace of mind we get from the zero-emission option we have instead of regular combustion models. So, what makes this unique? Let’s find out together as we check it out

Let’s start with the manufacturer – Urbet – which is a Spanish outfit that specializes in electric mobility solutions. Its lineup of products currently offers several models, but the Ego stands out among its siblings. This electric scooter’s appeal evidently comes from the unconventional design ignites interest from onlookers.

Its most striking feature might be the cantilever approach of the front-end. However, many are quick to point out that it shares a similarity with the Rumble V series form Rumble Motors. It may share the look but its specifications make it an entirely different machine. Moreover, its pricing is more attractive than what the other marque offers. Hence, we’re going with the Urbet Ego for now.

This battery-powered scooter relies on a 72-volt 42-aH battery that can fully charge in seven hours. According to its product page, the Urbet Ego can manage a top speed of 55 mph. As for the range, it promises to deliver approximately 74.5 miles on a single charge. The 3,000-watt electric motor is hub-mounted and is practically silent. On the other hand, there is an option to toggle a speaker to play back engine noise to alert those around you.

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Images courtesy of Urbet