What do you get when an individual never gives up on a dream for the past several years? Well, if you’re Dan Baldwin, then you might end up with an awesome machine called the Vendetta. After multiple reworks, he settled for this menacing design that looks like it can practically plough through anything. We’re big fans of rugged platforms that are equipped to travel over almost any terrain. So far, what Ungoverned has here should do exactly that.

We’re no strangers to electric skateboards and we have published a few pieces about them in the past. Nevertheless, all of those pale in comparison to what the Vendetta brings to that table. Just look at it. What we have here is no traditional four-wheeled board. Thanks to the tracks, what Ungoverned (Dan) created here is a tank. Plus, the front assembly is modular so you can replace it with optional twin skis, a board, and blades.

Anyway, if you are planning to traverse uneven ground in the first place, grip matters big time. Even with chunky wheels on your electric skateboard, the surface area is somewhat limited. With continuous tracks, on the other hand, you will get exceptional performance every time. According to its creator, after several prototypes, the production unit is ready for action.

Ungoverned reveals that the Vendetta is now lighter at just 43 pounds with a much lower center of gravity. This should make it easy to find your balance. Moreover, it delivers superior performance and handling. The central flex point aids in maneuverability, but you can lock this if you plan to drift instead, The robust build keeps the board waterproof and the wireless controller does not restrict your body movements.

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Images courtesy of Ungoverned