Conventional skateboards are usually limited to urban areas due to their weakness against uneven terrain. However, that won’t stop innovators from their pursuit of next-level shredding. Now is the time to forge a path across various type of surfaces with the help of an off-road setup. The Velox XC-6 is the premium model among the company’s lineup of electric skateboards. It’s time to let the motors do the work while you travel from tarmac to trail with ease.

The company dares you to take their all-electric skateboard cross country as you maneuver along in thrilling fashion. The Velox XC-6 is a tad more expensive than the smaller SX-5, but its performance makes up for the price tag. Using a combination of a maple composite deck with lightweight but durable 6061 T6-grade aluminum alloy chassis, it will withstand a lot of abuse.

Each wheel runs with the help of powerful high-torque brushless DC motors. It can easily conquer slopes with inclines between 16.5 to 24 degrees. Users can switch between two or four-wheel drive settings that can accelerate up to speeds of 30 miles per hour. The uneven ground won’t be a problem for the adjustable pre-load nitrogen-charged shocks with over six inches of travel.

The set of 10-inch off-road tubeless tires provides superior traction to get you from point A to point B. Power comes from a 48V lithium-ion unit with a built-in proprietary battery management system. Ideally, it can travel up to 18 miles (4WD Mode) before needing a recharge. The Velox XC-6 is available in Sleek and Stealth models.

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Images courtesy of Velox