We’re already halfway through 2021 but UNDONE still has more to offer its fans and for those who are new to traditional watches. Just like how Hollywood gears up for summer blockbusters this time of year, the Hong Kong-based company has something awesome yet again up its sleeves. If you’ve been closely following their regular releases, the brand’s collaborations are usually something special. The latest one is the UNDONE x STAPLE collection, which mixes street fashion with bespoke watchmaking.

People who know their streetwear will recognize the name right away. Moreover, the silhouette of a pigeon is a dead giveaway that UNDONE’s latest partnership is an exciting one. Jeffrey Ng or more popularly known as Jeff Staple – the Founder of Staple Design Studio, Staple Pigeon, and Reed Space – lends his design philosophy for this project.

Some of you might be already scrambling for your wallets right now with the UNDONE x STAPLE collection dropping today. As always, Men’s Gear is here to guide you on what to expect on launch day. Please note that there are three options available for purchase: UNDONE X STAPLE Yin-Yang Limited Edition, UNDONE X STAPLE Yin-Yang Leather, and UNDONE X STAPLE Yin-Yang Nato.

Unboxing UNDONE x STAPLE Yin-Yang

We’ll get into the finer details about the above-mentioned trio a bit later as we start off with what’s in the box. As always, UNDONE ensures that your watches get to you in pristine condition. Our UNDONE x STAPLE Yin-Yang sample arrived in a brown corrugated box. We popped that open to see a red sleeve with the branding on top and the Staple Pigeon logo all around.

Meanwhile, the actual package is protected by a pair of white packing foam. Carefully sliding it off reveals a matte black metal case (an awesome bonus for collectors) with an embossed emblem of the iconic pigeon badge in a yin-yang design. Inside the classy container is the timepiece sitting snugly in a foam cutout. Depending on the variant you went with, there will be more goodies within.



UNDONE x STAPLE Collection


  • Case Size - Excluding Crown (mm): 40
  • Case Thickness - Including Crystal (mm): 15
  • Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel (Black PVD)
  • Lens Material: LEXAN Polycarbonate
  • Bezel Type: Rotating
  • Movement: Japanese TMI NH35A Automatic Winding Mechanism
  • Water Resistance (ATM/Meters): 10/100
  • Strap: Steel (Black PVD), Rally (Black Leather), Nato (Black)
Hands-on with the UNDONE x STAPLE Yin-Yang

The case measures 40 mm without the crown and 48 mm with the lugs included. We think it’s ideal for users with slim or regular wrist sizes. Nonetheless, as long the strap fits, the wristwatch would still look great on anyone. Crafted out of 316L stainless steel, the UNDONE x STAPLE Yin-Yang has a solid heft to it. The black PVD coat and the matte finish appear and feel premium.

The same goes for the screw-down crown, caseband, exhibition caseback, and bezel, which all tout the soft satin texture. What follows is the bezel insert, which is the first of many aspects that evoke the spirit of the lauded streetwear label. In its default orientation, the words “A Positive Social Contagion” can be seen on the area starting from the first minute marker to 4 o’clock.

UNDONE notes that this is the motto that drives the folks at Staple Design to do what they do best. Next is the “75” at 10 o’clock and “97” at 12 o’clock, which apparently stands for the year of Ng’s birth and when the brand made its debut.

The watchmaker loves to break away from the norm, which denotes creativity. For this model, they’re calling it the Yin-Yang dial. Of course, It is another smart take on the California dial, but switches the markers distinct hour marker style from horizontal to vertical.

We can only imagine the fun the teams from both sides were having during the concept phases for this avant-garde tie-in. Telling you the time are “Mercedes” hands for the hour and minute while counting the seconds is a lightning bolt. These are finished in pigeon pink, which along with the white elements, produce a mesmerizing light show in the dark thanks to the lume.

Furthermore, flipping the UNDONE x STAPLE Yin-Yang shows a pigeon-pink tint on the glass which forms the Staple Pigeon Logo. This likewise provides a glimpse at the Japanese TMI NH35A self-winding calibre with an impressive 42-hour power reserve.

UNDONE x STAPLE Collection

As we indicated before, there are three versions available to cater to your tastes. Here is a brief overview of what comes in the box and the pricing for each respective bundle. UNDONE will also be selling some of the accessories separately at different price points depending on your order.

UNDONE x STAPLE Ying-Yang Limited Edition ($649) — as the name suggests, this is the go-to choice for fans of both brands. Only 300 examples will be made available worldwide and each one sports its own serial number. It ships with a black steel bracelet, a complimentary Staple Pigeon nato strap, and a carabiner keychain.

UNDONE x STAPLE Ying-Yang Leather ($519) – Those who fancy something classier will love the black leather rally strap it’s paired with. Look closely and you’ll see the stitching is the shade of Staple pink to go along with the theme.

UNDONE x STAPLE Ying-Yang Nato ($519) – For a tactical vibe, the black nato strap is your best bet. The material is breathable and is a terrific match for streetwear and perhaps even smart casual outfits.

Our Takeaway

Just like its previous collaborations, UNDONE truly knows how to create remarkable timepieces. With the awesome input from the Staple Pigeon team, they have built an accessory that demonstrates modern streetwear’s massive influence on the global fashion scene.

“The philosophy behind balancing the darkness of yin and the brightness of yang is something I carry with me daily and I’m excited to have the opportunity to bring this forward in a physical culmination with UNDONE. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough,” says Jeff Staple.

True to its namesake, the UNDONE x STAPLE collection cleverly embodies the essence of duality. The addition of white accents to an almost blackout motif highlights the need for contrast. Along with its exceptional craftsmanship and attractive aesthetics, it’s difficult to find any issues here. We would have loved it even more if the Staple Pigeon nato strap was included with the other two as well.

Get yours now from UNDONE

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Images courtesy of UNDONE