Uncharted Supply Co.’s The Seventy2 Survival System is the brainchild of survival experts. Dubbed the “world’s best 72-hour survival kit,” it contains everything you need to survive any emergency situation. We’re talking hurricanes, earthquakes, or any other emergency conditions manmade or natural.

This backpack packs all the essentials to stay alive in the critical 72 hours from food, medicine, hygiene, and more. It boasts 26L of storage space and a total carry weight of 11lb with insert. There’s an aluminum water bottle, a collapsible 2L water pouch, and a Sawyer water filter with a collapsible water tank good for 100,000 gallons. It also has items to keep you warm including textured gloves, air-activated heat packs that stay hot for 10 hours, and a Mylar space blanket and tent. 

Moreover, the Uncharted Supply Co.’s The Seventy2 Survival System has 5 yards of duct tape, two protective rubber goggles, and a collapsible shovel/pickaxe with a carrying case. It also comes with lightweight air filtration masks, 15 antibacterial wipes, and 24 survival bars with 200 calories each. Then there are the quintessential first aid kit, flashlight, multitool, and blade knife. For rainy conditions, the waterproof match case helps to light up a fire.

Likewise, it has a magnesium alloy fire starter, SPF 30 sunscreen, 100ft paracord, and chemical stick lights. There is also a water syringe to clean cuts or the Sawyer filter. Conveniently, the pack comes with a radio/electronics charger powered with DC charging. The best part is that all these essentials stay secure and dry inside. That’s because the Uncharted Supply Co.’s The Seventy2 Survival System is made with 100 percent waterproof welded construction of 600D dual-coated tarpaulin to make it strong so it can withstand the extreme outdoors. 

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Images courtesy of Uncharted Supply Co.