The Trifo Lucy AI Home Robot vacuum is unlike any of its kind. It not only sweeps your house clean but also keeps it and you safe from intruders.

This innovative device works both as a surveillance camera and as a vacuum cleaner. It uses a 1080p HDR color camera and depth sensor to ensure clear day and night surveillance quality. An infrared camera allows it to stream live video and audio recording any time of the day straight to your smartphone via a companion app. Nothing gets past it as it is sensitive to movements and can identify people, pets, furniture, and even objects as small as one inch. It recognizes familiar faces in the household so it knows when there is an intruder and alerts you of the disturbance in real-time through a companion mobile app.

The Trifo Lucy AI Home Robot vacuum divides the room for you with the help of advanced scene understanding. Since it recognizes objects, it automatically names the room according to the objects it sees (beds for the bedroom and more). With smart recognition, Lucy devices efficient cleaning and patrol routes.

Not only is it great at surveillance it is efficient at cleaning too. It uses 3,000 Pa of suction and optimized brushes for a thorough clean. It is also easy to maintain since it comes with a larger dustbin and a washable primary filter.

Moreover, The Trifo Lucy AI Home Robot vacuum works with Alexa for hands-free operation. The mobile app also lets you set “no go” zones, define patrolling routes, and see, talk and listen to house members live when you’re away.

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Trifo Lucy AI Home Robot Vacuum Trifo Lucy AI Home Robot Vacuum

Images courtesy of Trifo