The advent of artificial intelligence paved way for highly-technical and innovative products that make home living easier– such as robot assistants. A.I-controlled vacuum cleaners are all the hype now and leave it to Neato Robotics to expand the beneficial factors of these devices.

The company introduced at IFA 2018 the Botvac D4 Connected, its new lineup of ultra-efficient vacuums that connect to your home Wi-Fi and sends cleaning reports to a companion app. A replacement to Neato’s Botvac D3, this new robot vacuum cleaner uses LaserSmart technology to scan and map your entire house in order to create a floor plan. Lasers also allow the device to clean in the dark.

This vacuum features a big brush that works great on any surface– tile, carpet, or hardwood. Coupled with the cleaner’s unique D-shape design, the brush easily removes dirt and dust from corners and walls.

This robot vacuum works with a companion app that you use to create virtual no-go lines for areas in your house that you don’t want to be cleaned, or set your preferred cleaning schedules. The app also delivers regular software updates on new features and upgrades.

The Neato Botvac D4 Connected has 75 minutes of battery life and features quick-boost charging to supply the extra juice needed to finish the job. For $499, you get a vacuum that you can power on and off with your smart devices e.g. Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Watch, or your phone.

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Photos Courtesy of Neato Robotics