Overlanding is a drug many people can’t get enough of. Those who love off-roading, remote locations, and camping can find it all here. The combination of man, machine, and the great outdoors appeals to adventurous souls out there. Now, you can enjoy a part of it at home, albeit at a smaller scale with the TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler from Traxxas.

Those who’ve done their homework, know that this is a toy version of the legendary Land Rover Defender. This British SUV has long been the ride of choice among overlanding enthusiasts thanks to its capabilities. Traxxas attempts to reproduce these features the best way they can on an RC vehicle.

Attention to detail here is remarkable as the manufacturer tries to keep everything as close to the real thing. In fact, carefully curated shots from specific angles can easily fool anyone into thinking the images are of the actual SUV.

The TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler lets your practice your maneuvers ahead of your next expedition. Traxxas does everything it can to emulate real-world performance. As such, you have stuff like T-Lock remote locking differentials, high/low transmission, portal axles, aluminum scale shocks, and so much more.

Functioning as the engine is a powerful Traxxas Titan high-torque brushed motor. This replica Land Rover Defender stands 11.5 inches high, 9.8 inches wide, and 23.1 inches long. Ground clearance is 3.14” which helps it navigate over hazards.

The TQi 4-channel radio system packs everything you need toggle some settings on the TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler. If you want, Traxxas likewise offers accessories to give it a visual overhaul. Now your RC SUV can stand out from the rest. Consider it as a cool tech gift to give this holiday season.

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Images courtesy of Traxxas