Now, this is something you don’t see every day. A combination of two of men’s greatest passions – grilling and awesome bikes. We are in awe because this is one project that we would have never thought about. Now, its no longer just a concept on paper because the Traeger X Indian Springfield Dark Horse is actually here. This magnificent machine is currently on display at the Indian Motorcycle booth at the 2019 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. If you’re attending make sure to drop by and sample some free barbecue.

You can look forward to delectable treats grilled to perfection courtesy of a Traeger Ironwood 885. This unique setup is possible thanks to a custom sidecar that houses the cooking equipment. Mad props go to the genius behind this tasty combo, Thor Drake of See See Motorcycles. His creation is perfection on three wheels that lets you ride and enjoy an outdoor cookout wherever and whenever you want. While the sidecar handles the cooking, the brooding Springfield Dark Horse takes care of the leg work.

We can imagine riding this badass beast and making a grand entrance to any barbecue party. Moreover, the bike’s 111cc Thunder Stroke V-twin engine rumbles to announce your arrival as guests await your culinary concoctions. Fire up the wood pellet grill and let modern technology help you craft mouth-watering grub. You’re looking at a commercial stainless-steel construction with features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, a digital controller for ignition, and a whole lot more. This might be a one-off project, but we are hoping the Traeger X Indian Springfield Dark Horse goes commercial later on.

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Images courtesy of Indian Motorcycle