The tech industry continues to branch out to other segments other than telecommunications, entertainment, and productivity. In fact, smart appliances are becoming a mainstay in every modern home. Of those that could soon make its way to your kitchen is the Tovala Smart Oven. What the manufacturer pitches is a timesaving solution for folks who are always on-the-go. Likewise, it would benefit people who want to maximize their leisure time for activities other than cooking.

We’ve previously published some pieces on smart ovens, but what the Tovala Smart Oven is another kind of convenience. Not only do you get a piece of state-of-the-art equipment, but you can also subscribe to their service. You see, it is best used along with their meal delivery service.

Yep, no more shopping for groceries or microwavable TV dinners. The Tovala Smart Oven itself is a combination of functions such as a toaster, steam oven, and just a regular oven. To answer a common question, yes you can cook regular recipes using raw ingredients with it.

It is easy to set up and once you have connected it to the internet, just download the companion app and the rest should be smooth sailing. If you are subscribing to their meal delivery option, it’s as simple as scanning the boxes and activating the Tovala Smart Oven.

If you are preparing dishes the regular way, just use the app and select the meal you want to cook and let the Tovala Smart Oven handle the rest. Furthermore, you even scan some grocery items and adjust the cooking methods that work best. This is also a must-have for those who lack culinary skills.

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Images courtesy of Tovala