Torch Apparel’s TorchONE Helmet offers the convenience of having removable headlights for days when you want a lighter load. This is especially handy during daytime riding.

The removable and curved light panels let you switch between daytime and nighttime riding mode. Sans the light, you get a lighter load and the panels even pack small for compact storage when on the go. With and without the 360 degrees LED lighting panels, the helmet weighs 382g and 266g, respectively.

It is the largest light display available that comes with four lighting modes. The front and rear both come with a steady high and low beam and fast and slow flashing lights. A button allows the user to switch between modes. Best of all, the lenses are fully rechargeable through a built-in standard Micro USB3 connectivity.

As for the TorchONE Helmet itself, Torch Apparel re-engineered the design with even more updates than from their successful Torch T2 Bike Helmet. It is fully water-resistant and promises improved year-round adaptability. It features a low profile ergonomic shell design with ten widened vents for comfort and breathability, especially during warmer conditions. Removing the panels enhances the airflow even further.

This bike helmet ensures a snug fit for head sizes 50-62cm so you don’t risk road accidents from a loose fit (if this happens the helmet could slide forward and block your view). It is developed for all types of cycling, boarding, or scooting and guaranteed durable. The TorchONE Helmet comes in three colors including arctic white, gunmetal grey, and neon yellow.

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Images courtesy of Torch Apparel