Tactical belts for men come in handy in a range of professions. They are the perfect place to keep your gear accessible at all times. When in conflicted areas, the situation can change in a heartbeat and soldiers may need a different piece of equipment efficiently. These tactical belts for men enable the guy to always have important items close.

It’s not just soldiers who can make good use of tactical belts. They can be used in other roles that require you to carry a lot of important and dangerous equipment safely. Even some hobbies can be made easier with one being present. Rock climbing and zip lining, for example, can make great use of them for a number of reasons.

If you’re a guy who’s been looking to get a tactical belt, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to answer all the common FAQs regarding them. We’ll give you some top tips that’ll make sure you buy the best tactical belt for you and use it in the safest possible way.

The various products below were researched carefully by Men’s Gear. We looked into everything you need to know. This allowed us to make a great list regarding the best tactical belts for men on the market today. Take a look at all 14 products as we’re confident you’ll find more than one that you’ll want.

1) Elite Survival Systems Tactical Belt

Brand Name
Elite Survival Systems
Model Number
Product Weight

Our top 14 tactical belts for men will take off with a look at this strong and reliable design from Elite Survival Systems. They are experts at specifically manufacturing tactical gear, so they know what is required from a tactical belt. If you want tactical products it’s better to shop with these types of specialists.

This black tactical belt is manufactured in the USA and has a 1.75-inch width. The buckle has been shipped in from Austrian designers who crafted the highly-sought and incredibly strong Cobra buckle. The buckle has a quick release system to help you operate efficiently in high-pressure situations.

The D-ring fastening is super silent to provide stealth when you need to go under the radar. The belt has been stiffened and boasts an exceptional 7000 pounds of tensile strength, so you can start rappelling without worries.

This belt has passed a host of fall-protection safety standards with flying colors, including NFPA, UIAA, EN, CSA, and ANSI Z359.1 examination. You might not think there’s any point in keeping on scrolling after seeing this product, but we may just top this outstanding tactical belt.

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  • Made by tactical-gear specialists
  • Renowned Cobra buckle
  • Quick release system
  • Perfect to add weaponry and gear
  • Excels safety standards
  • 7000lb tensile strength
  • Only available in a black color


2) Hanks Gunner Concealed Carry Leather Gun Belt

Brand Name
Hanks Belts
Model Number
Product Weight

These tactical gear specialist at Hanks Belts know what they are doing they have built up a phenomenal reputation in making belts. Specifically so for carrying a concealed weapon – otherwise known as CCW belts. They’re a U.S. company who only make their belts using homegrown materials.

This particular tactical concealed carry belt is made from 14 ounces of full-grain leather. They add the weight of the leather to show they haven’t taken this quality leather and stretched it out to cut costs. Some companies do this to make production cheaper, but this makes the product thinner and not as durable.

Full-grain leather is the top layer of the hide and is the strongest leather you can get. This really is a belt that’s going to last a long time!

It comes in a choice of five rustic colors that won’t look out of place in a wild-western movie or down the bar with your buddies. Their whole range, including this 1.5-inch-wide CCW belt, is made by excellent craftspeople in the Amish community.

They’ve cleverly added a removable buckle and Chicago screws instead of the common snaps to add even more durability.

If you choose one of these tactical concealed carry belts for men, they’ll also hand over a 100-year warranty. This is a big statement that shows their confidence in their product. They may just eat their words if science develops and we’re all pulled out of incubators in the year 2119. Heck, the belts will likely still work then too.

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  • Experts at making CCW tactical belts
  • Unstretched full-grain leather belt
  • Option of five cool colors
  • Removable buckle and Chicago screws
  • 100-year warranty
  • Made with local USA materials
  • Requires a break-in period


3) Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid Cobra EDC Belt

Brand Name
Blue Alpha Gear
Model Number
Product Weight

Blue Alpha Gear has been well-known in the industry for years, especially for their tactical concealed carry belt design. This company is a small business situated in Atlanta, GA. They happen to be run by some guys with impressive beards. They’ve been producing quality products for the shooting and outdoor community, making them well-liked for several niches.

Their tactical belts for men are made on home soil, except for the buckle. This is another Cobra design flown in from the land of chocolate and cheese – Switzerland. One half of the buckle is known as “the male buckle” and is 1.5-inches wide. This interestingly inserts into the slightly smaller female buckle.

This Cobra design is made from light and durable aluminum to provide strength without adding unnecessary weight.

The rest of the tactical concealed carry belt is made with two layers of 1.5-inch nylon webbing. This gives the belt a perfect combination of comfort and rigidness so it doesn’t sink when added with tools or weapons. The sizing of the belt can easily be adjusted with its Velcro strap.

This makes choosing the correct size much easier because the Velcro can increase or decrease the size of the belt by one inch.

This EDC tactical belt can be purchased in three awesome colors – namely wolf gray, black and coyote brown. It even comes with a lifetime warranty. Which color would you choose? We’d go wolf gray!

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  • Made by field professionals
  • Innovative and impressive Cobra belt buckle
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Double-layered nylon
  • EDC function
  • Three awesome colors to pick from
  • Pricier than other belts featured here


4) Seibertron Men’s Military Belt

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight
Under 0.4oz

These tactical belts for men made by Seibertron are a multifunctional product. It’ll be useful when placed in combat scenarios as it can hold the weight of a gun, but it also has a D-ring attachment for secured rappelling. Its rappelling function is backed up by 5000-pound tensile strength, so you always feel safe.

They secure down the overrunning belt end with a Velcro strap to keep everything compact. This is an important addition to this belt because it only comes in two sizes. You can buy it in a size to cater for men with waists between 30 and 40 inches, or one for guys with 40 to 50-inch waists.

The belt can be bought in two awesome and camouflaging colors at an exceptional price. If you don’t like it within 30 days you can just send it back for a refund. Which color would you get?

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  • Multifunctional tactical belt
  • Reliable D-ring
  • 5000-pound tensile strength
  • Velcro strap for running end
  • Choice of two colors
  • 30- day returns period
  • Not the best buckle here


5) CQB Belt By Blackhawk!

The next tactical belt for men in need of discussion is known as CQB Belt, made by the Blackhawk! brand. As the name suggests, this belt is perfect for close-quarter battles. People in the Armed Forces or those that work in conflict and dangerous areas would make use of this.

You can get one of these belts in a choice of four awesome colors that will work well as camouflage.

What makes this belt so adaptable for handling the heat of battle? The buckle on this belt is extremely durable and, in fact, a parachute-grade model. It has a 7000-pound tensile strength to keep your gun firmly in place without bending or sinking the belt.

An everyday belt often overshoots the buckle, and this isn’t a problem.

Yet, in a battle zone having a loose belt-end may get in the way, catch on bushes, and reduce mobility. Blackhawk! has solved the issue by adding a hook-and-loop closure along from the buckle to keep everything compact.

Some people have been questioning the authenticity of these tactical concealed carry belts for men. However, after some heavy research, we’ve discovered this company isn’t the same brand as what some people expect. See that exclamation mark after their company name?

They’re not the other makers of quality tactical concealed carry belts named Blackhawk. There’s no doubt this is a funny sleight of hand, but it doesn’t detract from the quality tactical belt they’ve managed to create here. Let us know your thoughts on the situation.

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  • Suitable for soldiers and security men
  • Parachute-grade buckle
  • Innovative compact design
  • 7000lb tensile strength
  • Four colors to choose from
  • Deceiving branding


6) Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Ultra-Duty Belt

Brand Name
Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement
Model Number

Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement is a team that dedicates their craftsmanship to making outstanding gear for those serving in the police force. Did we stalk them or look into these companies to a point where it was creepy? Don’t ask us what we do on the weekends.

Uncle Mike’s has a range that is extensive but one part of their fleet is this black tactical gun belt.

These tactical gun belts for men are slightly wider than most at a width of two inches. At 0.25 inches, the belt also has a nice level of thickness to it for a nylon belt. The thickness comes from the belt being double layered and stuffed with a polymer stiffener. This increased rigidness without becoming overly bulky.

Instead of a single-layer and flimsy nylon belt, you get this stronger design. It’s capable of holding most everyday gear, but this doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable – read on!

Sometimes having nylon rubbing close to your skin all day may be aggravating. Uncle Mike and his gang have thought this through and added smooth and softer nylon to the edges so you’re as comfortable as you’re equipped.

Other important features you need to be aware of are its adjustable Velcro fastening. This ties up the loose end where the belt surpasses the patented buckle with three prongs. Is Uncle Mike your new favorite uncle?

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  • Made by a knowledgeable company
  • Wider belt
  • Double-layered nylon
  • Polymer stiffener insert
  • Comfortable design
  • Patented belt and Velcro fastening
  • No other color options


7) Foxtrot Survival Military-Grade Paracord Belt

Brand Name
Product Weight

The Military-Grade Paracord Belt from Foxtrot is an impressive tactical belt that does everything one needs from it. This belt is available in the expected colors such as army green, khaki, and black. Foxtrot designed them to help you go undetected in high-risk and hazardous zones of combat.

These tactical belts for men are made from 100 feet of paracord. Of course, paracord is an interesting material that is used in the making of parachutes. To get technical on you, it’s a type of nylon-kern mantle lightweight rope that has started to make appearances in a lot of durable gear used by civilians and military personnel.

It was even used to repair the famous Hubble Space Telescope by astronauts. Overall, it’s a waterproof, smooth, and considerably elastic material that goes hand in hand with the needs of a tactical belt.

The inclusion of this eyebrow-lifting material isn’t the only reason it makes perfect sense for this belt to prop up tactical trousers worn by soldiers. It has been put together using the cobra method of weaving to increase tension resistance. This is on top of an aesthetically cool gunmetal buckle embossed with the company’s branding.

If you’re a hunter, fisherman or another outdoor adventurer then you’ll also benefit from these tactical belts for men too. It even comes with a free paracord bracelet. Bet you weren’t expecting that? Give it to your girlfriend to get in her good books. Tell her you’re matching – she’ll love it.

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  • Multiple colors to pick from
  • Multifunctional including military operations
  • Unique paracord tactical belt
  • Cobra weaving
  • Complementary paracord bracelet
  • Cool gunmetal-colored buckle
  • Paracord outshines an average buckle


8) Grip6 Classic Series Men’s Belt

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

Grip6 are a company that specializes in making belts, especially great tactical hun belts for men. A cool thing about this brand is that they donate some of their profits into helping protect vulnerable species of animals.

These Salt Lake City manufactures source all their materials from the USA and offer this belt in 15 colors. When you look at some of the flashy colors and designs on option, you don’t instantly think of a tactical concealed carry belt. The belts may have some specifications even the hardest military general will be appreciative of but it’s not for soldiers.

It’s more of a tactical gun belt for outdoor adventurers and sporty types.

It’s a considerably strong belt and has a breaking strength of 2500 pounds. This lets it easily carry everyday tools and gear without faltering. This is due to its tightly-woven nylon webbing. A sleek buckle also comes into play and pulls the belt through and clamps it in place as tight as you need.

The buckle is very minimalist and has been laser cut from aerospace-grade aluminum. To make it even tougher, the buckle went through an anodizing process! Grip6 are so confident in their product they’ve added a lifetime guarantee to back themselves up.

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  • Belt-specific and philanthropic brand
  • Exhaustive color options
  • Impressive general strength
  • Tight nylon webbing
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum buckle
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Designs are overly flashy
  • Not as versatile


9) Condor Cobra Tactical Belts

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

Condor has been in the tactical-gear game for a while. They have been helping thankful military personnel and grateful officers for years. Offering them some impressive clothing and overall gear to get their jobs complete in a great manner. This Cobra Tactical Gun Belt is some of their best work.

You may have guessed from the name of the belt that Condor have been on the phone to a certain Swiss company. You know, in order to get a hold of one of those cool Cobra buckles.

You’d be correct! Incorporating one of the strongest and most finely-tuned buckles in the world isn’t a hard decision to make. Condor has invested in their tactical gun belts for men heavily and added these buckles to increase quality. With the inclusion of this aluminum Cobra buckle, you’ll have a top-notch level of durability.

You get the benefits of a quick-release capability for emergency situations and convenience. You also get 2000 pounds of tensile strength so your belt lasts a long time even when used often.

The exceptional durability of this black tactical concealed carry belt carries on to its 1.75-inch nylon webbing. This can brag about a whopping tensile strength of 7000 pounds! Gear snagging on the belt won’t be an issue any longer due to the five-row stitching.

If that wasn’t enough for you, the ends have been resin-treated so they don’t fray.

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  • Famous Cobra buckle included
  • Quick-releasing system
  • Nylon webbing with 7000lb tensile strength
  • Five-row stitching
  • Resin-treated ends to prevent fraying
  • No camouflaging colors


10) Upower Tactical Belt

Brand Name
Product Weight

Upower happens to be the brains behind these tactical belts for men. They come in a choice of three military-type colors. Get one in brown, black or army green to stay unnoticed in heated moments. This tactical belt won’t have you put your hand down the side of the sofa, as it comes at a very affordable price.

This is fairly surprising when you uncover its super features.

The buckle is the first part of this tactical belt under our Men’s Gear microscope. Durable metal makes up the design and offers the quick-release feature similar to the Cobra buckles. It utilizes a zinc alloy in its design and has been treated to handle corrosion and rust.

You can also swap this belt for another one if preferred. It’s not common to see a company so willing to let you do such..

It’s not the only bit of tailoring you get to do with this belt. The manufacturers have even given the green light for you to cut it so it’s a perfect fit without it overhanging. This is the reason it comes in one singular size catering for waists up to 54 inches.

The belt is 1.75-inches wide and made from a double layering of the strong canvas. This fabric is breathable and durable to compliment intense weekdays and not-so-intense weekends. The overall use for this belt is to help carry weaponry and gear.

It even comes with a 30-day return period along with a 2-year warranty. Thoughts?

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  • Three awesome color options
  • Affordable tactical belt
  • Impressive buckle
  • Tailor to your perfect fit
  • Double layer of fabric
  • 2-year warranty provided
  • Avoid use with climbing gear
  • Not as rigid as other belts


11) Condor Outdoor Tactical Belt

Brand Name
Product Weight

We’re back with another Condor design and this belt is definitely the most military-looking belt you’ll find on our list of the best tactical belts for men. It does exactly what it says on the tin – it looks like a soldier’s belt and it’s made to hold weapons.

However, this isn’t the only reason the Condor Outdoor Tactical Belt should be owned by army men. It comes with two magazine pouches attached by Velcro. These can come in extremely useful, but the Velcro may not be the most reliable fastening.

Then again, you have to take the Velcro roughness with the smooth – if you can do without the pouches just tear them off their strip for another day.

The belt can cater to men with waists as big as 44 inches and is two inches wide. This is above the standard width so you’ll probably not get it through your jeans. Then again, why would you? This belt isn’t for casual use.

The buckle is also fairly impressive and offers a convenient quick-release feature. Did you just find your perfect tactical belt?

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  • Attachable magazine compartments
  • Perfect for hunters and soldiers
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Sizes up to 44-inch waists
  • Awesome aesthetics
  • Velcro magazine fastening will split opinion
  • Not the most durable buckle


12) 5.11 Tactical Leather Belt

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

You may be very familiar with this California-based tactical-gear retailer. 5.11 are a well-known supplier of tactical gear for servicemen and women and even have a few stores dotted around the USA. They’re adding another leather option to our showcase and you can buy it in many sizes but only in black.

They don’t skimp on the quality of leather either. They’ve manufactured their tactical belts for men with tough full-grain leather. They even added some of their branding to it so it’s even cooler. On its own, a quality leather belt isn’t always capable of securing weaponry and tools without issues.

To make the belt even more rigid and hold the weight of a firearm effortlessly, they’ve added a permastiff insert. This is as well as reinforced stitching.

One of the coolest things about this tactical belt is that it has a secret compartment on the inside to the back of the design. The design of this compartment interestingly hides a handcuff key, making it perfect for law enforcement personnel. The buckle of the belt uses nickel plating and exhibits the company’s top-notch I-Beam construction.

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  • Trusted brand specializing in tactical gear
  • Manufactured with quality leather
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Permastiff insert for additional strength
  • Hidden handcuff-key area
  • I-Beam buckle construction
  • Only available in black leather


13) Fairwin Tactical Belt

These tactical belts for men from Fairwin are likely the highest rated on the list or most beloved by fans of the tactical industry. The design of this model is to carry everyday items, like tools. The belt is strong enough to carry bigger items such as guns, but it’s not rigid enough to carry them without the belt sinking.

The dimensions of the belt are fairly standard. It has a width of 1.5 inches and can fit any man with a waist up to 42 inches. The environmentally-friendly nylon makes up most of the tactical belt. It also has a thickness of five-sixteenths of an inch – peculiar measurement but at least you know they do things accurately!

The buckle uses a heavy-duty alloy in its design, which warrants its military status. It might not be the strongest buckle we’ve shown you, but it has an innovative safety feature that deserves a mention. The buckle has two golden tabs. If you press them both together you’ll get a quick-release function.

However, if you press on one tab accidentally nothing will happen so you stay safe and equipped. After one is pressed accidentally it will also re-lock itself!

When you buy this breathable tactical belt you get a 30-day grace period to return it if you’re not satisfied. You even get a two-year warranty if you find fault. We would get ours in the tan color but you also have the option of black, green, or a camo design.

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  • Cool color options
  • EVC functionality
  • Environmentally-friendly nylon composition
  • Heavy-duty alloy buckle
  • Exceptional quick-release safety feature
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Not ideal for carrying weaponry


14) 5.11 Tactical Trainer

Brand Name
Model Number

We’re finishing our list of the best tactical belts for men with another look at a 5.11 product. You can choose this belt in one of five colors. Most of them are desert-like colors and will be perfect camouflage in the modern warfare arena.

It’s multifunctional as it can hold your guns and other gear without issues. You can also use it for climbing due to an impressive stainless-steel buckle with a 6000-pound strength. The buckle is even has a black matte finish to avoid reflections from the hot sun. This also helps to avoid revealing yourself to the enemy.

The belt itself uses a nylon mesh design at 1.5 inches wide. It also includes reinforced stitching to add to its durability. The overhanging part of the belt will be locked down with a Velcro fastening so it doesn’t get in the way. They are some impressive tactical belts for men, that is certain.

The only question is, how do we pick which color to get?

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  • Multifunctional tactical belt
  • Ideal for modern warfare scenarios
  • Non-reflecting buckle
  • Multiple color choices
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Stainless-steel and strong buckle
  • Not as camouflaged in a forest


What Is The Purpose Of A Tactical Belt?

The purpose of your tactical belt will depend on the type of tactical belt you own. There isn’t just one standard type that aids soldiers, police officers, and tree surgeons. After all, these people have different jobs so they will all have different needs from their belt.

The general purpose of a tactical belt is to help you store important equipment and keep it within reach at all times. Of course, this is on top of holding your trousers up. To give you a more detailed account of the purposes of a tactical belt, we feel it might be best to explain the different types out there today.

Tactical Rigger Belt:

These belts are specifically designed to aid rappelling. To do this, they include a D-shaped or V-shaped ring to easily attach a carabiner. To be deemed safe, these tactical belts for men must have a minimum of 5000-pounds breaking strength. Often they tend to have reinforced stitching.

If you’re a rock climber or similar sports enthusiast then these are the type of tactical belts you need to look out for. The reasons for this type of belt being used in this situation are numerous. Prime among them being ease of access, how the pockets are organized, and the amount it can carry. Not just of small items, but large ones as well.

This is among a sea of other useful things the Tactical Rigger belts can do.

Tactical Gun Belt:

Now, we know this isn’t exactly a riddle sent from NASA, so we’ll try not to insult your intelligence. After all, you’re reading Men’s Gear, so we already know you’re a bright guy. These belts hold your holstered gun and weaponry parts without sagging. They’re often made from leather because they need to be stiff.

However, the leather usually isn’t enough on its own and is often reinforced with stiffeners. A lot of these belts adopt Cobra buckles. Those are a set of Swiss designs that lead the industry for their durability and convenient features. If you ever wanted to be like Batman, these are the types his infamous tactical belt is based on.

We’d like to say that we at Men’s Gear do not condone the acts of vigilantes. While we’re huge fans of comic books around here too, we know the laws of the land. These tactical belts for men also will not make you as good as The Dark Knight. He was taught by Ra’s al Ghul, you’re not.

Heavy-Duty Tactical Belt:

These belts are designed to hold different types of gear than weaponry. We mean things flashlights, batons, sprays, and handcuffs. If you’ve put two and two together, you’ll probably have realized these belts come in useful to police officers and security men. Yet, they’re more than convenient for people in other professions or with outdoor hobbies.

Are you a prepper waiting for civilization to collapse? A tactical belt with all the necessary things needed, in one excellent belt, is an excellent item to have ready next to your bug-out bag.

There are other types of tactical belts for men, of course. However, these are the three most popular choices. By looking at these types you can see that there’s no simple set of purposes for a tactical belt. Yes, they do all help you store equipment and stop pointless running around the battlefield with your pants around your ankles.

However, their purposes are much more specific depending on the type of tactical belt you choose.

What Are The Main Things To Consider When Buying Tactical Belts for men?

You’ve made a smart choice in buying a tactical belt. In order to keep yourself safe and your valuable gear secured or concealed, you truly need one. Now you have to pick one. Instead of rushing around and making a frantic choice, there are a few things you should consider.

To make sure you don’t waste your hard-earned cash, we feel there are a number of things to keep in mind. You have a lot to consider when it comes to tactical belts for men that you’ll use. We understand it, as we were once like you. Our research helped, thus we wanted to share our knowledge.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind…

Tactical Gun Belt Needs:

You’re going to have to ask yourself what you need a tactical gun belt for. For those looking for work kit, this is a simple question. Make sure you check the belt’s specifications to make sure it will secure what you need it to. You also want it to comply with regulations.

However, there is a second part to this question – is that the only reason you want one?

Getting a tactical belt to store your flashlight as an evening security guard may be your primary use for a tactical belt. Yet you may want a multifunctional type that wouldn’t look out of place with a shirt and tie in a restaurant. Some tactical belts for men are more than capable of transferring into everyday belts.

To make sure this is possible, you’ll have to consider the width of the belt.

Men’s Gear tip: Compare the width of your shortlisted tactical concealed gun belts with the loops on your current jeans, shorts, or trousers. This will get what you need and help make sure they’ll work together!

Color and Style:

You’ll also need to consider the color of your tactical gun belt. As men, we don’t always take the color of our clothes too seriously. However, when it comes to the color of a tactical belt it’s not always a fashion choice – it’s often a safety choice.

Some people needing a tactical belt will require them to match a uniform and be camouflaged.

This is why taking the time to consider the color of your tactical concealed carry belt can be really important. You may also want to match it with a tactical gear of similar brands. When paired together, it can complement each other not only in terms of aesthetics but even features!

Since it is made for tactical reasons, you’ll find it in multiple colors. With the most common being a darker green, brown, black, or white. This is to match the environment, and those four are pretty much the most commonly needed. Earth isn’t complicated.

The Size By Brand:

The final thing we strongly urge you to consider is the size chart provided by manufacturers. Take a look at each brand’s size guides because they can differ significantly between companies. Also, check out reviews to see if the sizes were accurate for other people.

It’s especially important not to get an oversized tactical concealed carry belt. This is crucial, as the end of the belt can overhang and become a nuisance and catch on things as you pass. That could cause it to fall off, and you’ll lose a number of needed items. This would be terrible to deal with if you’re alone or needing to get in or out of a place quickly.

How Do You Arrange Tactical Concealed Carry Gun Belts For Men Effectively?

Keeping an organized tactical belt could be a matter of life and death. We don’t want to get too serious with you but, we kinda need to for a hot few seconds. Reaching for your gun in the heat of the battle and pulling out a flashlight is only a funny story if nobody gets hurt.

Instead of being the guy that blows the cover you can easily be the organized tactician with a well-presented tactical concealed carry gun belt.

You might have seen some badass guys in the movies with a gun tucked down their jeans and squeezed in place with their belt. However, that’s just in the movies and your gun should always be placed in a correct-sized holster. If you’re right-handed, you should leave this holstered gun on your right side and vice-versa.

On the opposite side to your weapon should be your walkie-talkie – if you have one. This way you’re free to add a wire to your collar or breast pocket for improved audio. Meanwhile, you’re still free to adjust the frequency easily.

The longer and more slender items such as pepper sprays and flashlight should be placed in an adequate holder towards the back of your belt. Leaving them to the front of you can be annoying as they keep banging against your thigh – especially if you have to start running.

If you carry a lot of items then you should place mundane stuff in pouches to properly keep them organized. Think of things like pens and notepads here. This will free up space and stop you looking like an overly decorated Christmas tree.

Time to Belt Up

We hope you found a tactical gun belt that’s going to suit your needs and preferences. The list of tactical concealed carry belts for men we’ve featured used manufacturers who specialize in tactical gear, belts, or both. When it comes to safety, it’s important to choose quality products from people that know exactly what they’re doing.

This is better than the alternative jack-of-all-trades company. This is due to the fact that while those companies might be great with most of their products, there is something to say about specialization. When people specialize in making something, they are often better at making that item than those who do not.

Basically, we’re pretty positive we can write alright, but we’re not going to be able to beat LeBron James in basketball. Even though we “could” play the game, that doesn’t mean we’ll do it better than that guy. That said, why pick away from the pros when you can have the best?

We hope we served your tactical gear needs, and thanks for serving us!