etting the perfect shot is never as easy as you think it’s going to be. Grabbing your trusty camera and snapping away sometimes just won’t cut it, especially if you need to keep still for a long exposure. If you’re sick and tired of shaky shots and wobbly images, it’s time to take your photography to new levels. That means looking into DSLR tripods, so you can get that perfect shot.

Who hasn’t tried at one time or another to balance their camera on a wall, fence, or bush to get the ideal exposure? This can be a recipe for disaster. Your camera probably cost an eye-watering amount. Clearly, putting it at risk by propping it up in a tree probably isn’t the best idea!

DSLR camera tripods are the perfect solution to all your photography problems using DSLR cameras.

Designed to hold your DSLR firmly in place while you shoot to your heart’s content, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one.

Of course, it goes without saying that not every tripod is best for your camera and you, personally. Yes, they may share the same shape, but that’s often where the similarities end. From size and design to materials and durability, there can be a whole lot of variation.

Obviously, you won’t settle for anything but the best camera tripod on the market, so we’ve done all the hard work for you.

We tried out the top-sellers to bring you the perfect blend of DSLR camera tripods that we’ve reviewed, just for you. Shooting your own home movies, honing your photography skills, or just need a convenient place to hang all your heavy gear while you’re out on a shoot. We feel confident you’ll find the best tripod for DSLR cameras here.

What Are The Main Things To Consider When Buying DSLR Camera Tripods?

Let’s leave out of the equation the very first question – do I need a digital camera tripod at all? After all, if you didn’t need one, you wouldn’t be reading this. That said, let’s move on to the other key factors to keep in mind before you buy. DSLR camera tripods are useful, but there are key things you need to know before you buy one.


Speed is definitely of the essence when you’re a passionate photographer. Picture the scene. You see a spectacular bird in your backyard, then run to grab your tripod and camera. Then, you struggle and sweat as you wrangle the legs into place. You wrestle your camera into place.

Then, look through the lens just as you see its wings flapping away into the distance! Clearly, this isn’t an ideal scenario.

The telescoping speed of the legs, the speed of adjusting the ball head, and how effective the quick release system is essential to check before you buy. It should be swift and simple to mount your camera and just as easy to fix the legs in place. Making the wrong choice will just make you frustrated.


Weight is your next consideration, and for good reason. How much weight can you carry, and how sturdy do you need DSLR camera tripods to be for you are crucial to know. You need to find the perfect balance between sturdiness and portability.

However, also need to make sure that your tripod can support your camera’s weight and bulk. Obviously, you don’t want it to tip over just as you’re about to take an award-winning shot.

This is also something to consider when you have to take it in and out of your vehicle. You’re going to lug this thing all over the place. It might as well be something useful for weight, so long as it fits what your camera’s needs are. If you can get a lighter one that does the same as a heavier option, why wouldn’t you?


While taking weight into account, size is another issue to consider. While they may sound similar, they aren’t really the same. If you’re planning on traveling with your tripod you might want to consider a small camera tripod that fits in a bag.

Meanwhile, if you’re taller than average, you’ll probably need to select one that can accommodate your extra height. Weight handles the all-important heavy factor while size handles the overall length or ease of transport.

Weight plays a role here too, but size handles far more. Whether that means needing only a small bag type or a large type, it all comes down to you. This is also crucial when selecting tripods, as some collapse into smaller and easier to carry forms. Others, at the same size and ability, may not.


The material your tripod is made from will also be a factor to keep in mind. Carbon fiber is light but expensive, yet aluminum is affordable but heavier. Meanwhile, stainless steel is probably going to be too heavy to take on vacation with you. Although, this option is ideal if you’re shooting video.

Now we’re getting down to technicalities and nice-to-haves. Although a bubble level isn’t strictly essential, it can be a useful addition to your tripod head and stand. The material is good to keep in mind mostly due to the conditions you’ll face too.

Rust can be a factor with some, which is why you’ll need to keep them out of rainy or wet environments. Others are made of a material that can melt, meaning sunny or hotter environments won’t work. Truly, where you go to shoot most is a huge factor in the tripod you buy.

How do I know if a tripod is compatible with my camera?

You don’t want to spend hours going through DSLR camera tripods only to discover it isn’t compatible with your cutting-edge camera. We don’t want that either, so let’s look at how you can avoid making a costly error.

First, you’ll need to ensure your tripod is sufficiently sturdy to support your camera without it being so heavy that you end up leaving it at home. You’ll also need to check that the head is strong enough to prevent your camera flopping over and getting damaged.

Some tripods aren’t robust enough to accommodate the heaviest camera equipment, so it’s important to check it out before you buy. A mini camera tripod, for example, may not be stable enough to hold your heavy duty camera. Yet it would be great if traveling.

It isn’t all about the tripod itself – the camera mount is key here. You need to check that your model is actually a tripod camera. Modern cameras are almost all tripod-capable these days, but if you have a smaller model there’s a chance it might not have an integrated tripod mount. If it doesn’t have one, you’re onto a losing streak.

However, there are two standard types of thread to fix cameras to tripods. Simply check that your chosen tripod has the right one for your camera. The two common threads are 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16, so make sure to check which is right for your camera before you buy.

In the worst case scenario, if you end up with the wrong type of thread fitting for your camera, it isn’t the end of the world. You’ll just need to get an adapter so that you can fit it into position.

How do I mount a camera on the tripod?

We all know that a real man never reads the instruction manual when they get a new gadget. We’d never let you either, but you need to know this. That said, here’s your crash course in how to set your camera onto your tripod:

  1. Take the camera plate off the tripod. Usually, there’ll be a quick-release lever or clip to do this. Although it isn’t strictly essential to do this before you fix your camera onto the tripod, it makes life much easier. It can be tricky to fix the camera onto the plate when it’s still on the tripod.
  2. Level your tripod by adjusting its legs. Once it’s stable, raise the legs to the right height for you then secure them in place.
  3. Screw your camera onto the plate. The fixing system will vary. Sometimes your camera will “screw” right onto the plate, other times it’ll need to be clamped in place.
  4. If there’s a screw-head on the plate’s underside tighten it from under the plate rather than twisting the plate onto your camera. Make sure that the connection isn’t too tight – you don’t want to damage your mounting system
  5. If your tripod has a clamp mechanism instead of a screw, put your camera between the clamps gently, then tighten the screws or twist the knobs so your camera is securely held in place.
  6. Remount the camera plate onto the tripod. Usually, this is quick and easy. All you need to do is pull the quick-release lever back, fit the camera and plate onto your tripod head, then release the lever.
  7. Look through your camera’s viewfinder to make sure the lens is properly angled.
  8. Take one last check to ensure your tripod is stable and level, then you’re all ready to take your first shot!

What are the main brands of camera tripods?

When you’re choosing the right camera tripod for you, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of brands available. Of course, not all are best for you. It’s vital to choose the right brand if you’re serious about your investment. A cheap tripod may save you money in the short term.

However, you’ll regret your purchase when you’re struggling to set up your gear and dealing with a wobbly, poor quality tripod.

Usually, it’s true to say that you get what you pay for. While the best brands don’t come cheap, you’re guaranteed great quality and high-level performance. It’s always sensible to choose a reliable, highly tested brand when choosing the right camera tripod for your needs.

Some of the best known and highest quality brands include Vanguard, Benro, and Manfrotto.

Although, there are many other high-quality brands which aren’t so famous. Go with one of these brands and you’ll benefit from strong and sturdy materials, cutting-edge performance and speedy, convenient setup. This is just what you need to hone your photography skills.

You could do all the research yourself on DSLR camera tripods, but we know you’ve got a busy lifestyle. That’s why we’re here to save you the time, effort, and money involved in making a poor choice. Our team has worked hard to review all the best DSLR camera tripods on the market today.

We’ve checked out all the details and outlined all the pros and cons so you’ll be sure to find the perfect tripod in our top 14 list.

1) Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod Kit

Brand Name
Model Number
Alta Pro 263AB 100

Looking for stability, flexibility and a wealth of angle possibilities? The Alta Pro DSLR camera tripods are perfect for you. It has a Multi-Angle central column system. This enables you to adjust the central column up to a 180-degree angle in either a horizontal or vertical position, allowing wide-angle and macro shots are a breeze.

There’s also an ISSL system (Instant Swivel Stop-n-Lock) that allows you to reposition its central column with one speedy movement without compromising the stability of the tripod.

Plus, no more shaky pictures. Aluminum alloy makes up the legs, allowing them to be robust, plus the legs are completely adjustable. Quick release leg locks added will allow for easy set-up and take down of your equipment.

The die-cast canopy is made from premium magnesium for extra durability. On top of this, the central column has a hexagonal shape, giving it even greater stability for long exposure shots.

This tripod comes with spiked, non-slip rubber feet. Meaning no more worries of falls into the mud. Plus, it comes with a hook to hang your various accessories right on your tripod.

The ball-head fluidly rotates a full 360 degrees too. With its smooth-locking knobs, excellent loading capacity, and fine-tuning ability, you’ll have everything you need. Vanguard makes some of the best DLSR camera tripods on the market, so it’s worth checking out.

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  • 360-degree rotating ball-head
  • Spiked, non-slipping rubber feet
  • Stable hexagonal central column
  • Quick release leg locks
  • Speedy ISSL system
  • Doesn’t accept cameras with L brackets
  • Not ideal for anyone over 5’ 11” in height


2) Rangers Ultra Compact & Lightweight Tripod

Brand Name
Model Number

Lightweight and compact enough to take on your travels, these Rangers DSLR camera tripods are terrific. It has four section column legs together with flip-locks that can be released instantly so you can set up in moments. The working height can be adjusted from just 14” to 55” instantly.

Meaning you can get just the right shot, no matter what height you are.

If you’re looking for true versatility, this tripod has it in spades. You can even convert it into a monopod thanks to its removable leg.

You won’t be compromising on stability either, the Flip-lock boasts a large contact area with the tripod leg. This means you can shoot to your heart’s content without worrying about wobbles and shakes. There are also two control knobs on the ball-head, so you can rotate it through a full 360 degrees for the ideal angle.

When you invest in this tripod, you can be confident you’re getting the best quality. Made from an aluminum, high-density alloy, it can hold a maximum load of 26.5lbs. It even has two inbuilt bubble levels so you can check the level of your camera lens in seconds.

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  • Made from high-quality aluminum alloy
  • 2 inbuilt bubble levels
  • Converts into a monopod
  • Leg flip-locks for speedy release
  • Flexible height adjustment between 14 and 55”
  • The leg stance is quite narrow
  • Heavier than some other compact tripods


3) Benro SystemGo Plus Aluminum Tripod

Brand Name
Model Number

Are you looking for the versatility of a center column with the compact and lightweight design of a travel camera tripod? Then the FGP18A SystemGo is the one for you. Boasting a 180-degree versatile center column, it allows you to choose from an enormous range of camera positions.

This includes inverted, horizontal, and vertical positions. You’ll never struggle to get the right angle again.

There’s also a speedy leg locking system, which is dust-resistant and stable. Even better, the detachable leg allows it to turn into a monopod for even greater flexibility.

If you’re shooting on the move, no worries – these DSLR camera tripods have a folding compact design so you can put it in your backpack and travel anywhere. Despite its small size, it’s still strong and durable thanks to its aluminum tubing and components made from robust magnesium alloy.

Its design combines reverse folding legs which wrap about the central column. The column itself can be taken out of its position and swung through a full 180 degrees, lockable into any position.

With three different positions to choose from for the leg angles, this tripod is the ideal choice for low-level macros. On top of this, its screw-in spiked feet ensure your camera won’t accidentally fall when in use outdoors. As a final finishing touch, it even comes with a padded high-quality carrying case so you can take it anywhere:

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  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Conveniently compact folding design
  • Robust aluminum and magnesium components
  • 3 leg positions
  • Screw-in spiked feet for outdoor use
  • Twist-lock mechanism is slower than a latch system
  • Spiked feet supplied separately and aren’t built in


4) AmazonBasics 60” Lightweight Tripod

Brand Name
Model Number

Are you on a low budget, looking through DSLR camera tripods you need, but you want an affordable option you can depend on? The AmazonBasics tripod is ideal for you. With its lightweight design, it’s perfect for taking out and about. Its rubber feet ensure that it won’t slip on rough surfaces.

Thanks to the height adjustable legs, you can accommodate your height, whether you’re a giant or little person.

It can be used with an enormous range of cameras like GoPros and even cameras weighing up to a maximum of 6.6lbs. Regardless, you’ll be able to use this tripod with your favorite trusty DSLR.

When the center post is extended to the max, it extends up to 60”. This ideal for taller users. It even comes with its own convenient carrying case you can take your camera anywhere, no matter where you’re heading. For a tripod in this price bracket, you’re bound to be impressed by the inbuilt bubble levels that let you check stability in seconds.

There’s even a three-way head while lets you swivel and tilt in both landscape and portrait options. You won’t spend ages transitioning between shots thanks to the speedy release mounting plate. Since it only weighs 3lbs, you won’t be weighed down, even if you’re hiking, camping, or climbing.

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  • Rubber non-slip feet
  • Comes with a carry case
  • Lightweight folding design for travel
  • Inbuilt bubble levels
  • 3 way swivel head
  • Only rotates on two axis
  • Only suitable for use with lighter cameras if used outdoors


5) Manfrotto Three Section Tripod

Brand Name
Model Number

Manfrotto is one of the top names in camera tripods, so you can be confident you’re investing in the best with this model. It’s pretty easy to guarantee that Manfrotto offers one of the top DSLR camera tripods on the market today. It has outstanding stability and a quick power lock so the legs fix firmly into position.

This allows you to use your heaviest equipment without needing to worry about wobbling or shaking.

Despite its high locking power, you can still expect impressive ergonomics. The hand-opening mechanism slashes set-up times and makes it easy to operate. Thanks to the Easy-Link attachment, you can even convert this tripod into a portable photo studio – making it perfect for pros.

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  • Easy Link attachment for outstanding capabilities
  • Hand opening mechanism
  • Quick power lock
  • Excellent stability
  • Leading brand
  • Locking mechanism can pinch your fingers if you aren’t careful!
  • A little heavy for a compact tripod


6) Gitzo Traveler Kit

Brand Name
Model Number

Taking photos on the move? If you’re looking for the perfect tripod to take on vacation, the Gitzo Traveler Kit fits the bill. With its G-lock leg locking system, the Traveler Tripod is amazingly compact without compromising on height. It boasts a curving external form for better grip.

Thanks to its internal O-ring, it operates smoothly and softly without risking any grit or dust getting into the lock.

Even on the move, you don’t want to worry about a jerky ball-head. These DSLR camera tripods are precise and smooth, fitting perfectly in position. You can also remove the head easily and replace it with another one of your choices to suit your needs.

Durability is always important. The Carbon eXact tubes used on the Gitzo Traveler Tripod are stiff, robust, and strong. They offer outstanding performance and no additional weight. It’s even simple to store and carry thanks to the inclusive shoulder strap.

The space-saving feet can be interchanged while there is an inclusive short column for perfect ground-level shooting.

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  • Space-saving feet
  • 5-part body for compact folding
  • Inclusive shoulder strap
  • Carbon eXact tubes for strength
  • Internal O-ring for smooth operation
  • Curving form for better grip
  • Bag is quite small
  • Requires a little more strength to set up the legs


7) Vanguard Aluminum Travel Tripod

Brand Name
Model Number

Vanguard is one of the best brands in DSLR camera tripods, so when you invest in this model you can be sure you’re getting great value for money. With its exclusive and rapid column rotation, this model lets you set-up and down instantly.

All while its high-loading performance (with a maximum capacity of 17.6lbs) makes it suitable for use by most photographers.

The design of this tripod is for use on the go. Its compact folding means that you can easily take it wherever you need to go. It also comes complete with a multi-action ball head along with an oversized ergonomic locking knob for easier operation.

The arca-swiss quick release plate makes fitting your camera a breeze while the inbuilt bubble level lets you see at a glance whether your camera lens is at the right angle.

The legs are made from a strong and robust aluminum alloy. There are three different angle options available for the legs. You can also convert the feet from rubber grips to spikes to suit the terrain you’re working on. For fans of low angle photography, an adaptor is included to make shooting simple.

One final benefit is the carrying bag which comes free of charge.

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  • Carry case comes as standard
  • Low angle photography adaptor included
  • Aluminum alloy robust legs
  • 3 leg angles
  • In-built bubble level
  • Compact folding design
  • 4 locks on each leg means a slower setup
  • Small bubble level is tricky to see


8) Dolica Proline GX Series Aluminum Tripod

Brand Name
Model Number

Whether you’re shooting indoors or out, the Dolica Proline GX Series is the ideal DSLR camera tripods for most. Weighing just 3.5lbs, you won’t have any difficulty in taking it wherever you need to go from camping to a family gathering.

Holding a maximum load of 15lbs, you can use most of the best camcorders and cameras. Its legs are round, with 4-sided tubes for extra firmness.

The fix in place with snap locks so it can hold even more weight without losing stability. There are numeric degree markings on the ball-head. Meaning, you can use it easily for those horizontal panoramic shots, and even better, it comes complete with its own toolkit and carrying bag.

Clearly, it doesn’t get more convenient than that!

Made from plastic polymer composite and anodized aluminum alloy, these DSLR camera tripods are a bit small. However, it’s pretty mighty with reinforced stability for perfect shots. If you’re shooting in winter, you’ll feel the benefit of the BNR comfort foam grips.

Meanwhile, the quick release plate means that setting up is easier than you ever imagined.

Each leg can be adjusted independently of the others to a choice of 4 levels. In addition, there are both spiked and rubber feet supplied. This means you’ll never need to worry about slipping on a rough or wet terrain.

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  • 4-sided tubes for extra stability
  • BNR comfort foam grips for protection in winter
  • Spiked and rubber feet supplied
  • Comes with carry bag and toolkit
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Only suited to lighter weight cameras
  • Adjustment slider on the legs can be a little stiff


9) Bonfoto Lightweight Aluminum Portable Tripod

Brand Name
Model Number
2.6 pounds

If you’re searching for a professional quality camera tripod, this Bonfoto model is ideal for you. It offers a 360-degree horizontal swivel as well as a 90-degree vertical platform. These DSLR camera tripods have a three-way head that enables you to take shots at the angle of your choice. Even with faster than ever transition.

Holding a maximum load of 17lbs, this tripod has a maximum height of 55” when fully extended. This is tall enough for most photographers. It has double telescoping center columns for extra compactness during folding.

It even comes with its own center column hook so you can add weight if extra stabilization is required.

The handy carrying bag that comes supplied lets you take your photography equipment everywhere. With a light aluminum construction of just 2.6lbs, it’s the perfect tripod for shooting outdoors. It folds up to a tiny 14.5” and its rapid release mounting plate makes it easier than ever to detach and attach your camera in a matter of moments.

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  • Light construction for easy portability
  • Compact folding size of just 14.5”
  • Center column hook for adding stabilization weight
  • 360-degree horizontal swivel
  • 90-degree vertical platform
  • 3-way head
  • Needs a lens ring mount if using telephoto lens
  • Knob adjustment for tilt head best suited to small hands


10) ZoMei Lightweight Heavy Duty Tripod

Brand Name
Model Number
3.7 pounds

Heavy-duty and yet surprisingly compact, this ZoMei tripod has inverted legs that can be folded backward by 180 degrees, all for a folded size of just 18”. This multi-functional model is a 2-in-1 gadget, converting easily into a full-sized monopod by simply screwing the tripod leg and center column together.

Thanks to the center column hook, you can hang extra weights for stabilization. Meanwhile, the separate head and pan lock make sure that you can make the perfect adjustments. Setting up these DSLR camera tripods are a breeze as all you need to do is screw your camera to the quick release plate.

All with only a single press of the button, your camera can be removed from the tripod.

There are three different positions for the legs for better flexibility, allowing you to shoot equally well on rough ground or in cramped spaces. The rotating leg locks let you easily control the height of the tripod from between 18 and 65″. This is perfect for even the tallest users.

It won’t weigh you down to carry this tripod anywhere you need to go. ZoeMei offers DSLR camera tripods here that offer lightweight construction. This comes from aluminum and magnesium alloy tubing. this also protects it from corrosion for extra durability for use outdoors.

It even comes with a carrying bag and an inbuilt bubble level for extra value for money.

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  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • In-built bubble level
  • Converts to a monopod
  • Great for taller users
  • Quick release system
  • Twist knob legs slower to set up than lever ones
  • A little too large to fit in a backpack


11) Cayer Tripod System

Brand Name
Model Number
4 pounds

These professional DSLR camera tripods can be used for both interchangeable lens and  HDSLR cameras. The perfect choice for home video enthusiasts, this tripod has a two-way fluid head for optimal panning and tilting to suit the needs of every shot.

There are two quick release plates as well as locking rubber buckles for extra security of your expensive camera equipment. Meanwhile, the mid-level spreader gives even greater stability so you’ll never need to worry about your camera falling in mid-shot.

It offers a secure 8-year warranty. This means you’ll be well protected with this model, which can support a payload as high as 88lbs. Making it ideal for all your filming needs.

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  • Supports a huge payload
  • Locking rubber buckles for extra security
  • 2 quick release plates
  • Mid-level spreader for better stability
  • 8-year warranty
  • Large screw handle can be awkward to tighten


12) Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod

Brand Name
Model Number
3.1 pounds

The Manfrotto brand is well known as one of the top performers in the tripod market. This compact model is ideal for taking your camera equipment everywhere you need to go. Being among the top, it’s not a shock they bring us more DSLR camera tripods of great quality and value.

With its quick release system, it couldn’t be easier or faster to set up and put down your equipment. Meanwhile, the foldable three-way panning and tilting head give you great versatility over the shots that you take.

This tripod can support a maximum weight of 6.6lbs. This makes it better for smaller and lighter cameras – perfect for use while traveling. It even comes with a padded bag to allow for more comfortable and secure transportation.

Optimized for DSLR and CSC cameras, this flexible tripod is lightweight. However, with a leg structure which you can depend on to give you detailed and sharp images each and every time.

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  • Perfect for CSC and DSLR cameras
  • Padded carrying bag supplied
  • Quick release system
  • Compact model for traveling
  • Leading brand
  • No bubble level
  • No center post hook for stabilization


13) Manfrotto BeFree Compact Aluminum Travel Tripod

Brand Name
Model Number
3.1 pounds

If you’re traveling with your camera equipment, these Manfrotto travel DSLR camera tripods are the one for you. Boasting a compact and light design, this model has a special design to ensure your camera is fixed firmly into position throughout use.

It also has a quick release plate for easier set-ups.

Capable of supporting a maximum weight of 8.8lbs, this is the ideal camera tripod for use with your lightweight DLSR camera. This is especially true when hiking or camping. It’s so small and lightweight that it can easily fit into your backpack or your carry-on luggage at the airport.

You’ll never be at risk of accidentally leaving your tripod on an aircraft!

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  • Fits into backpacks and carry-on luggage
  • Ideal for use with DLSR lightweight cameras
  • Special design to keep the camera in place
  • Quick release plate
  • Release clasps can pinch fingers
  • Poor grip on smooth surfaces


14) Mactrem Travel Camera Tripod

Brand Name
Model Number
2.61 pounds

If you’re looking for quality and compactness built into one handy, lightweight package, the Mactrem Travel Tripod is the ideal solution. Measuring only 20” when collapsed, it can extend up to a maximum of 55”. It’s tall enough for most users. It only weighs 2.6lbs but is capable of holding as much as 11lbs of weight.

That is incredibly impressive for a compact model.

Simple to store, these DSLR camera tripods are compact and come with a carry case so you can take it anywhere you need to go. It also has a three-way pan head and a 360-degree swiveling function. The quick release plate lets you detach and attach your camera in a matter of moments.

This helps for speedier transitions from shot to shot.

Featuring four-section lever-locked legs, this tripod can easily be used on uneven ground. The rubber feet ensure extra stability on any kind of surface. Its aluminum build is strong and robust enough to survive in the long-term, Meaning you can be confident of great value for money.

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  • Strong aluminum build
  • Comes with a carry case
  • Can hold up to 11lbs in total
  • Measures just 20” when folded
  • Extends to 55”
  • Better for photography than video
  • Better for light-duty use


Get The Picture?

Whether you’re a professional or just an amateur enthusiast, a high-quality camera tripod is exactly what you need to make the most of your photography experience. Keeping your camera at the perfect angle, you’ll be able to hone your shots and capture images that are better than you ever imagined.

Use our buying guide to help you navigate DSLR camera tripods and decide on the perfect features for you. Do you need the multi-functionality of a 2-in-1 tripod/monopod? Or do you want the convenience of a lightweight folding model? Perhaps you’re on a budget and need to get maximum value for money.

Maybe you’re searching for the best that money can buy.

You might be searching for a mini-camera tripod to take on vacation or something more heavy-duty for use while filming. Whichever is the case for you, you’re sure to find something in our list of the top-performing 14 tripods on the market that ticks all the boxes.

We’ve covered tripods that come with their own handy carrying cases to industrial-strength tripods that can support all your heaviest camera equipment. Our selection of quality tripods is sure to impress. We’re sure that our camera tripod reviews will give you all the information you need to make a snappy decision.

Invest in one of these fantastic models and you’ll be channeling your inner David Bailey in no time!