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Last Updated December 29, 2023

11+ Best Bomber Jackets For Men To Wear in 2024

Mostly linked to the military, bomber jackets for men began to make their first appearance during World War I. It was originally the Fall of 1917 when the United States Army launched an Aviation clothing organization that made these bomber jackets. They were often worn by pilots to keep them warm in the skies. In this time, not all planes had enclosed cockpits like we have today.

The Aviation clothing organization made leather, heavy-duty jackets with a zipper finish that also came complete with shoulder flaps. This would end up entrapping the neck, waist, and wrap perfectly around the neck with snug cuffs to keep the pilots warm.

By World War II, British designer Leslie Irvin made a sheepskin flying jacket design that is often used today. The production of this jacket became prominent in the British Royal Air Force throughout World War II in the 1920s. The demand was massive for these jackets, so Irvin opened up his own clothing manufacturing business that subcontracted for several places.

By 1980s, they gained new life when high schools, as well as pro-baseball teams, began to use them. This made them well-known in popular culture and a staple in American as well as world fashion.

These once military jackets have managed to stand out in popular fashion. Bomber jackets for men are now some of the most well-known clothing items in the world. Due to that popularity, they’re all over the place. That can make it difficult to find the right type of bomber jacket for you. Whether it’s due to price, make, or style.

We wanted to help, so we put together a great list of 8 bomber jackets for men that you’ll absolutely love. 


Editor's Choice

Mackage Men's Collin Bomber Jacket

Mackage’s Collin bomber jacket is one of the best options that can be worn across seasons. This slim-cut bomber jacket has ribbed trims and a stand collar to trap warmth inside.



Canada Goose Men's Faber Bomber Jacket

This ‘Faber’ bomber jacket is made from water-repellent nylon that’s hard-wearing yet lightweight to keep you comfortable on cool winter days. It has soft ribbed trims and fastens through the front with a zip and buttons.



Alpha Industries Men's B-15 Flight Jacket

This military-style bomber jacket features a core fit with a classic style. The waistband generally falls just above the hip. It has extra room in the body and sleeves, allowing for easier mobility and extra flexibility.


1) Nantersan Casual Bomber Jacket

Main Material
100% Polyester
1.5 Lbs

If you like to look stylish, dapper and blazing hot (Obviously during the fall), the Nantersan Mens casual outdoor jacket is the right choice for you. Yes! Wearing this bomber jacket puts you in a unique league far above your peers because of its premium design and quality.

From the above picture, you can see that the interior has a check-like design that gives you that chance to flaunt when you are in the midst of the opposite sex.

Obviously, every lady desires to have a bloke that has got style even with his good looks and great manner of approach. The first thing any lady notices when she sees you will be your Nantersan Mens casual outdoor bomber jacket before she smells your cologne or hears you speak.

Thus, if you’re not looking “fly” she may quickly visit the ladies before you walk up to her.

So, don’t trade your style for anything in this world, because it sure matters to the next lady at the corner. Let’s just say it’s a subtle investment to buy this stylish American men’s bomber jacket.  

Also, you should note that getting this bomber jacket isn’t going to be because of its style alone, it has amazing features that match its elegance, side by side.

100 percent of its fabric is made from polyester and the lining of the jacket from 100 polyester materials. The weight of the bomber jacket is quite light; hence, it feels absolutely comfortable to wear. It also has a zipper closure that’s swift without any frictions.

The Nantersan Mens casual outdoor jacket is one windbreaker jacket that you can rock all through the spring/ fall Season.

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  • The bomber jacket is incredibly lightweight without feeling like a “plastic bag”.
  • Sharp design that can be smart or casual.
  • It has a cheap plastic smell after it’s newly opened- but it dies out after its first wash.
  • The exterior is a bit coarse.
  • The waist and chest size may seem too large for you if you are not buff.


2) Goodthreads Bomber Jacket

Main Material
100% Polyester
1.6 Lbs

The fitting of the Goodthreads men bomber jacket is superb. It looks so much like what you see the middleweight professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather wears when he goes for his press conferences before a major fight like the one he had against Manny Pacquiao from the Philippines.

Like the saying, “A good name is worth twice much more than money,” so is the case of the Goodthreads men’s bomber jacket.

They’ve earned a good name to deliver quality bomber jackets over the years. No doubt, their name “Goodthreads” says it all. Even though they recently kicked off in 2009 with children’s wears, we can say the clothing line has grown to produce solid outfits that have clothed many; great and small.

Probably it’s because the clothing line started with children’s wears, – which is a good foundation for a start. That’s why they’ve been able to deliver solid bomber jackets for men today. If you an athlete representing your country on the field or track, or even representing your brand like Mayweather, you obviously pay attention to your image.

Wearing the Goodthreads bomber jacket will definitely add to that brand uplift you’ve always desired.

The Goodthreads men bomber jacket is a great combination of “beauty and function” more like “beauty and brains.” That’s why it has an authentic 100% percent polyester material that is water resistant and easy to maintain, plus its machine washable.

Also, the weight of the bomber jacket is quite light, making it comfortable for you to rock anytime. The black bomber jacket has a satin-like finishing with contrast ribbing at the cuffs, hem, and collar giving the bomber jacket an awesome look.

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  • The zipper of the bomber jacket is metal all through, thus it looks sturdy, and it has a smooth operation.
  • Awesome design-build and perfect construction.
  • The length of the sleeves for the bomber jacket is perfect.
  • Unfortunately, It has no zipper inside the left pocket.


3) LOGEEYAR Bomber Jacket

Main Material
60% Cotton 40% Polyester
1.76 Lbs

The first glance at this jacket from its top to down without seeing the head figure of the person wearing it, you may or may not conclude its Drake, the Canadian- American hip hop rapper, modelling for Logeeyar Men’s Bomber jacket.
Yeah Right!

That was close. I almost got you there. Anyways, it’s not Drake rocking it, but your brain telling you so. It’s not a surprise anyway, as a minimum of 7 people out of 10 would have thought concluded the same as you did. So don’t be bothered, you’re not the only one getting the vibes.

This is what happens when a company invests in quality planning and strategy before they make any product for their consumers. The Logeeyar Men’s Bomber jacket gives you the look and feel of a music celebrity, just like Drake as we’ve mentioned earlier. Oh yes! You can say that again! No jokes.

Do you know that top-notch fashion brands actually invest in a lot of research and psychological observations before they release any outfit? They make wears that tally together with our way of thinking and the way we live our lives. That’s why we experience fashion trends over and over again every season.

It’s obvious that the manufacturers of this bomber jacket paid attention to details on its body design, apart from its attractive looks. Thus, they built the jacket to have a lightweight from a 60 percent Cotton and 40 percent polyester material which gives you that comfort and durability.

Compared to other bomber jackets, the Logeeyar Men’s Bomber jacket is an all-season jacket which can be rocked from winter to summer with its well-designed ribbed hem, cuff, and collar. This also the jacket is available in all sizes from small to extra-large.

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  • The interior of the jacket is quite soft and comfortable to handle.
  • The colors are quite attractive.
  • It’s a slim fit and amazingly stylish for an average built person.
  • The arms of the bomber jacket run short- especially if you’re buffed up, so you might need to order for a large size.


4) Rothco Ma-1 Flight Jacket

Main Material
80% Nylon 20% Polyester
1.9 Lbs

If you loved the way Arnold Schwarzenegger looked in “the Terminator,” you will definitely want to rock this anytime. This military looking bomber jacket gives you that unique “bad guy” look especially if you blend it with a set of black denim pants.

You’d be sure to get a huge admirable stare from everyone in your neighborhood. The bomber jacket has a way of magnifying your machismo, by giving that buffed up “Arnold Schwarzenegger” looks even if you’re not so built.

This classic military built bomber jacket also has an attractive orange lining that keeps begging to be flaunted and also doubles as a poly fiber fill that gives you enough warmth in the cold. This MA-1 flight bomber jacket comes with a Zipper Utility Pocket on the left Sleeve with 4 anterior slash pockets to store your belongings.

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  • The fabric is sturdy and retains your body warmth perfectly in the cold.
  • The jacket could be quite noisy sometimes especially when you swing your arms.


5) Alpha Industries MA-1 Flight Bomber Jacket

Main Material
100% Nylon
1.5 Lbs

When it comes to bomber jackets, you can be sure that the Alpha industries won’t disappoint you regardless of the gender type. The reason for this is because they have been in the business of making these jackets for military personnel, thus, they have grown into a familiar choice in different parts of the world.

They also make it a point of duty to make their products stylish, comfortable and practical. Hence, you can be sure that the MA-1 bomber jacket is nothing short of this. From the design, you’d observe that this jacket is sleek, clean and classic. The fun part; you can decide to go business casual with it or just casual.

Whatever you choose to do, this 100% nylon bomber 1.5 lbs jacket, you’d still be on track.

The MA-1 bomber jacket is not just made of nylon but smooth and durable nylon. This material is water-resistant thus; you don’t have to worry if the rain catches up with you unplanned because it will make up for your inability to forecast the weather. If it’s a sunny day, you can still rock your jacket anyways.  

When it comes to the cold weather, this jacket can protect you but it also depends on what you pair it up with underneath.

Other features that make this bomber jacket stand out in its own way include the two pockets located in the interior, the utility pockets on the left sleeve, and two lower button closable pockets. The interior of the jacket is orange and the reason has been stated earlier.

Also, the MA-1 bomber is fully reversible with its “remove before flight” tag on the sleeve.

If you want to order this jacket and you’re not sure which one would fit your body measurement, it’s safer to go for a normal size if you require a slim fit and opt for one size up from your body measurement if you require a relaxed fit.

The MA-1 isn’t just durable, but it’s for anyone. Hence, if you want to get a timeless piece that you can be creative with, the MA-1 bomber jacket is a perfect choice.

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  • It’s durable.
  • It’s warm.
  • It’s water-resistant.
  • It’s comfortable.
  • It’s versatile.
  • It’s not true to size.


6) Chouyatou Lightweight Bomber Jacket

Main Material
100% Cotton
1 Lbs

The Chouyatou Lightweight Bomber Jacket is a good jacket that’s made of 100% cotton and weighs up to 1lb. This machine-wash stylish jacket can go with a more casual look. It has a smooth feel and it can be worn during the spring or fall. It can also pass for winter as long as the vest underneath the jacket is thick.

This bomber jacket is durable despite the fact that it isn’t water resistant.

This jacket was specially designed with extra pockets for your convenience. It has a breast pocket on the upper right and a pocket with a short zipper on the left with two pockets on both sides of the jacket. This jacket has a lining in the interior that is made of 100% polyester to keep you warm.

The Chouyatou bomber jacket has inner pockets asides the front multi-pockets and a full front-zip placket to ensure that you’re either locked in or fully out with the zipper on the left. The stand collar of this jacket is quite impressive with its knitted hem and rib cuff.

If you’re looking for an attractive bomber jacket for spring and fall seasons; this jacket is the best fit. It also comes in different colors like green, army, black and khaki.

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  • It’s durable.
  • It’s very stylish.
  • It’s comfortable.
  • The snaps fail.
  • It’s not true to size.
  • The zipper pocket is fake hence they easily break.


7) Urban Classics Light Bomber Jacket

Main Material
100 % Polyester
1.1 Lbs

It certainly not “bread and butter,” considering all the brain work and training involved. Now, if you’re one of those people that want to command the respect of a cop because you look like one, this is an option.

Wearing one of this Urban Classic bomber jackets will definitely keep you at the top of your game if you like the “cop cut shortcut.” When you wear this bomber jacket you also stand the chance of looking like a movie star that receives the stares of everyone.

The truth is wearing this bomber jacket helps boosts your self-esteem and leaves you speaking without uttering a word.

It’s no surprise though because it’s not called an urban classic for nothing. With its simple design, you can decide to dress down or dress up. The jacket has a lining in the interior that’s made of 100% polyester to keep your game tight regardless of the weather.

Another cool thing is this jacket has a way of making the weather have nothing on you.

This simply means that if you’re out doing your thing and by any chance, the sky decides to do the payback game for trying to steal all the attention the entire day by raining on you, the jacket will help you pull through because it’s water-repellent.

All you need to do is use the full zip at the front of the jacket that is made from light polyester fabric and you’d do just fine.

This bomber jacket also has pockets to help you store up some personal items that may come in handy when you’re in transit. The jacket has two side pockets located at the uni-colored long sleeve and a distinctive bomber pocket at the left arm.

If you’re wondering what seasons are perfect for this jacket, autumn, summer, and spring is the answer. It’s also important to note that this jacket is not water-proof in case you’re limiting your search to water-proof jackets only.

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  • It’s a lightweight jacket.
  • It’s not expensive.
  • It’s warm.
  • It’s comfortable.
  • It’s durable.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It makes a funny sound as a result of the materials that were used to make the jacket.
  • It’s not true to size.


8) Springrain Casual Bomber Jacket

Main Material
60% Polyester 40% Leather
0.95 Lbs

This fantastic bomber jacket will make you more explosive than you can ever imagine. When you want to make a choice of bomber jackets, it’s necessary for you to have flexibility on your mind.

This enables you to play around with different combinations. The Springrain bomber jacket is made from polyester and leather and it weighs 0.95 lbs. The leather that used to make this jacket gives it a classic look which is perfect for a casual jacket.

Do you like biking, racing, driving, running or even motorcycling, party, golfing, school, work or anything at all? Then this jacket would give you the best touch to these activities. This bomber jacket helps reflect everything that it stands for.

If you have eyes for details, then this jacket will interest you because it has one concealed pocket inside which makes the design unique for you to admire, a stand collar that feels pretty good on the neck and a long sleeve with leather to protect you from any kind of weather.

The mix of faux leather in this jacket doesn’t just look classic but it makes you warm at the same time.

The front part of the jacket has a metal zipper closure that is durable thus you won’t be worrying about getting a replacement when you buy these. The Springrain bomber jacket has two zip pockets in front which can store anything portable.

Another feature that contributes immensely to making you feel warm and comfortable wearing this jacket is the lining that’s found in the interior of the jacket.

No doubt, when you wear the jacket the inner lining is invisible to anyone else but you; nevertheless, the jacket was still crafted beautifully to the inner lining which isn’t visible to anyone but you. The lining is made of polyester. This material helps to make you feel warm.

As regards cleaning this jacket, you can machine wash it without being scared of it getting damaged. It’s also advisable to avoid bleach on this bomber jacket as much as possible.

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  • It’s comfortable.
  • It’s not expensive.
  • It comes in different attractive colors.
  • It has excellent quality.
  • It has a lightweight.
  • It’s stylish.
  • The zipper appears to be on the wrong side.


What are the benefits of bomber jackets for men?

There are a ton of reasons why you should be rocking bomber jackets for men these days. One of the most obvious reasons to wear one is the warmth they provide. Keep in mind, if they’re good enough for our boys and girls in the military while in the sky, we think it’ll work for you too.

They keep you warm by trapping in body heat and using it to keep you warm. Due to their style, wind cannot break through and no cold air can enter the tightened areas at the bottom of the jacket or the wrist area cuffs. They’re incredibly durable as well, as they needed to be for members of the Air Force during World War I and World War II.

Most bomber jackets for men are made out of nylon and polyester material, with some made by cotton. This means most external material can successfully keep water out of the interior. This allows most bomber jackets to be water resistant, as rain and the like bounces or flows off rather than seeps through.

Most of the material tends to be able to absorb 30% of water without getting damp in any way.

These jackets are also incredibly comfortable to wear. They may seem heavy, but most tend to be relatively light even with the water absorption. Their style continues to be long-lasting, and most of the time they make you look tremendous with a cool look every time.

Do bomber jackets for men actually keep you warm?

For you to know if the bomber jackets actually keep you warm, we have to take you to where it all started from so that you understand the whole idea behind this bomber jackets. As we have said earlier, the bomber jacket was originally made for the military.

Just when they thought they had something they could call theirs for a long time, things took a turn and the clothing started to trickle down into subcultures until it made its way to high fashion. This is the reason why it has become so rampant nowadays.

The bomber jackets were designed to be light, comfortable and most importantly keep the air pilots warm.

The structure of the bomber jacket had a fur-like collar. This collar was made out of cotton but after some years the material used for the collar was changed to nylon because it was perceived that nylon was much more suitable since it had the ability to keep perspiration out and it was water-resistant as well.

As the years passed by, these jackets began to appear in Europe. Due to this occurrence, the European Air Forces admired it and decided to popularize it. In the long run, the European Air Forces became the commercial consumer of the product.

Considering the process by which this jacket has transited from the military to Special Forces and then subcultures, one would think that the bomber jacket was going to face some kind of alterations but that was not the case. Instead, the bomber jacket has maintained its masculine and athletic silhouette alongside its fitted waist and a large fit.

Not forgetting the sleeves are quite bulky with extra pockets around the jacket to boost the functionality.

With all said, the idea behind the bomber jackets isn’t about being stylish alone but to be primarily warm. Hence, you have no reason to go out of style in winter.

What material are bomber jackets for men usually made of?

As time goes by, a lot of evolution takes place and this doesn’t exclude the bomber jackets. When the bomber jackets were a thing in the military, it was made with heavy leather since leather was a strong and heavy material. This happened because of breakneck speeds and high altitudes in airplanes that were not so advanced.

Another reason for this was to keep the soldiers warm.

After this, another version of the bomber jacket was released by the US Army Air Corps. These versions were made with cinched cuffs, cinched waists, wraparound collars, and zipper closures. All these features were under the protection of fur linings and wind flaps.

From the description, you can tell that these jackets were very durable. It was after these versions that various variations kept popping out from all over. From cotton outers, leather straps, knitted collars, fur collars to an orange lining.

The reason for the orange lining was to enhance visibility if an accident occurs. This gave birth to more different exceptional styles each season to meet the needs of customers.

Hence, designers play around with different materials like wool, satin, neoprene, leather, gauze, and leather. They are even creative to also add some other elements like lace-ups, ruffles, and embroidered patchwork. This is what makes the bomber jacket an important fashion jacket that you should have in your closet.


Owning a bomber jacket should be a must have for any man who has a good taste for fashion especially during the spring and autumn. Thus, we have listed this top 8 bomber jackets to make the shopping process easy for you. However, making a perfect choice is largely relative, depending on what you are looking for.

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