For our choice on what type of footwear we would love to use on a daily basis, sneakers are out go-to gear. Perhaps it is the comfort, cushioning, breathability, weight, and style that makes it great for almost any occasion. However, when the action takes you outside of your comfort zone, this calls for something more rugged. Boots, on the other hand, are purpose-built for rough conditions and terrain. While these are usually not that stylish, the Timberland Garrison Trail hiking boots are an exception.

While we have seen attractive offerings from the brand over the years, its latest lineup boasts a cool feature. As many footwear companies strive to reduce their environmental impact, innovative manufacturing processes are apparently the answer. We have seen shoes from Adidas repurpose waste plastic from our oceans. Then there’s another one that uses fully biodegradable materials.

Timberland’s Garrison Trail series also has an ace up its sleeve as the fabric linings used by the hiking boots are made of ReBOTL. The company is pushing for a more sustainable future with all of its footwear with the help of the material. As the name suggests, this comes from plastic bottles that go through a special recycling process.

It might not sound glamourous, but the overall design of the Garrison Trail hiking boots is actually fashionable. It is available in three colorways: Brown Suede, Black Suede, and Light Grey Suede. The uppers are crafted out of waterproof leather with ReBOTL fabric lining. Meanwhile, the midsoles are using EVA for superior cushioning. The outsole flaunts TimerGrip traction technology with climbing grade rubber for the heel piece and toe bumper.

Garrison Trail hiking boots – $140.00

Images courtesy of TImberland