Traditionally, when wearing something that comes in pairs, each one should have a matching design. We are so focused on the symmetrical elements of an object that often forget to appreciate the abstract. Thankfully, New Balance is ready to showcase an example that would hopefully remind us that a mismatch can sometimes equal awesome. Check out the Test Run Project 3 with an open mind. What you get is an experimental, colorful, and sustainable footwear.

While we have seen many sports apparel manufacturers with several eco-friendly projects, New Balance approaches things differently. Others are recycling ocean plastic into reusable components for their shoes. On the other hand, The Test Run Project 3 is relying on upcycling for reducing the amount of waste during the production process.

Although it might seem like a last-minute art project, upon closer inspection, the design is unique. While each pair is a mirror image of the other when it comes to the overall form factor, the varying colors make it stand out. These limited-edition kicks would look great in any collection for sneakerheads everywhere.

The uppers are a mix of ripstop, leather, mesh, and nylon fabrics but mismatching in color. As such New Balance states that “no two pairs of TRP3 shoes are identical” which makes it even more interesting for collectors. Each one comes in a bright colorway that will draw attention anywhere you go.

Comfort and style are definitely part of the package with breathable textiles and superior cushioning with the Fresh Foam midsoles. The Test Run Project 3 leftover bits to create the stylish marbled pattern you see. Finally, the EcoStep Vibram outsoles apparently use 30-percent recycled rubber.

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Images courtesy of New Balance