Every camping gear needs a reliable, durable, and portable lighter to start a fire and that’s what the TiFS Survival Capsule Lighter from Prometheus Design Werx (PDW) provides. It is built to withstand harsh conditions and for long-lasting use.

Precision milled from 6AL-4V titanium makes this device ideal for rough outdoor adventures. The high-grade alloy makes it lightweight yet tough and resistant to corrosion. It lights up even in wet conditions or in moist or damp environments.

What sets the TiFS Survival Capsule Lighter apart from other EDC firestarters is its unique yet stylish design. Its minimalistic appearance is reminiscent of a bullet. However, it does not have a smooth finish like most lighters. Instead, knurled surface surrounds the titanium billet case, which allows for easy grip even in wet conditions.

Inside though, you have the traditional components of a lighter including the wick, flint, and wheel. This device also works with regular lighter fluid.

The TiFS Survival Capsule Lighter is small enough to be carried in your pocket or clipped to your keychain or backpack, but you can also store it in the reusable survival tin it comes packed in. For only $49, you get a high-grade lighter that you can use for years to come.

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Photos Courtesy of Prometheus Design Werx