If you find that regular lighter designs are too boring for your tastes, then there might be just something different for you. CollectiveCarry presents a new lineup of butane lighters that spark a hint of edginess the next time you light up. The collection sports a variety of models all themed around firearms. We know it sounds a bit dangerous but please note that these are built on a smaller scale.

You know that this gimmick has already been tried and tested, but the ones offered by the company boast remarkable detail. The catalog currently offers a total of seven models and three of those features a laser pointer. We browsed through the available choices and found that the Revolv’r, in particular, stood out from the rest.

The lighter is a die-cast replica of a revolver pistol which is made from Kirsite. It is refillable and uses standard butane gas to operate. There are parts that are molded from plastic, but the overall appearance is impeccable. In fact, we recommend that you exercise caution during use due to its likeness, which can be mistaken for a real firearm in certain situations.

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Photos courtesy of CollectiveCarry