Wherever the adventure takes you, food and drinks are always a necessity. The Anker EverFrost is the ideal tailgate or camping companion as it chills food and beverages for up to 42 hours (33L) depending on the cooler size without the need for ice.

Instead, it uses a built-in compressor that runs on a detachable 299Wh battery that provides efficient and long-lasting cooling power at 39°F (4°C).  A 43L cooler chills for 35.8 hours and 53L for 27 hours. You can also adjust the temperature from -4° – 68°F (-20° – 20°C). 

The 53-liter Anker EverFrost features a dual zone temperature for cooling and freezing. This portable cooler uses a high-efficiency cooling compressor, a 7mm-thick impermeable seal strip, and a 50mm insulating layer to guarantee long-lasting, ultra-fast, and quiet refrigeration that operates quietly at 42dB.

It only takes half an hour for food and drinks to cool down from a hot 77°F (25°C) to a cool 32°F (0°C). As for the battery, it offers four convenient charging methods to ensure endless power for all your cooling needs. It has a built-in 60W PD USB-C port and two 12W USB-A ports to keep it powered and connected even when used outdoors. The battery fully recharges in 3.6 hours via 100W solar power, 4 hours via a wall outlet, 5.8 hours through a 60W USB-C port, and 4 hours via a car socket. 

Moreover, the Anker EverFrost cooler lets you adjust the temperature remotely through a dedicated smart app and through the display control on the unit itself. It is travel-friendly using an EasyTow handle and 6-inch durable wheels that can move easily on any terrain. Added built-in features include a bottle opener and an extendable table.  

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Images courtesy of Anker