We have been observing a growing trend wherein high-end audio companies are collaborating with other luxury brands. Recent ones on our pages were from Master & Dynamic which partnered with Temi Coker and Oliver Peoples. A while back, Caviar gave Apple’s AirPods an embellishment not many could match. Meanwhile, Bugatti has been receiving a lot of love this year with a limited-edition Chiron Sport, a safe, and a timepiece. Tidal adds another to the list with the Royale Speaker.

Some of you might be wondering why the French automaker is messing about with a music streaming service. In fact, we were also asking the same thing. However, to our surprise, the Tidal they are talking about is a German company crafting upscale acoustic products for their discerning clientele. Now, it caters to those who are after a speaker system that would match their Bugatti automobile in looks, performance, and quality. The Royale appears to check all these boxes.

Taking visual elements from the Bugatti Type 41 Royale which was one of the pinnacles of automotive opulence of its time. Tidal’s Royale Speaker sports an aerodynamic form factor. With beautiful curves from all angles, this evokes the illusion of speed. Moreover, instead of wood or plastics, these are crafted with more durable parts. These range from stainless steel, aluminum, and other precious metals.

The Tidal for Bugatti Royale Speaker is available in two versions: Monocoque and Duotone. The former follows the “shape out of one block” concept in motorsports, while the latter mixes and multiple configurations. The manufacturer suggests pairing it with their Royale MC-1 for the ultimate playback experience. It stands 56.6 inches high and clocks in hefty 352 lbs.

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Images courtesy of Tidal/Bugatti