So far, the Rolex brand has been and is still one of the most south-after timepieces in the industry. The materials, design, and craftsmanship that goes into each of their products are exceptional. Nevertheless, it does not mean that there were no hiccups along the way before it prestigious recognition among the watchmaking community. To our surprise, Charles Tearle — a British watch expert – reveals something unique. What we have here is a Rolesium Sporting Princess like no other.

The former auctioneer/watch specialist for Antiqurom, Sotheby’s, and Bonhams recently shared the rare find on his social media account. We’re not calling it odd, but what makes this Rolesium Sporting Princess stand out is the fact that there were other parties involved in its construction aside from the Rolex. Furthermore, the choice of color suggests it might have been to commemorate a special event.

Experts point out that Rolex normally reserves its green colorway for exclusive releases. Thus, it is likely that the Rolesium Sporting Princess in question could be one of the few in existence. Those who are intimately familiar with the industry will notice an interesting feature. Upon closer inspection, just above the main square dial a Stern’s logo.

This implies that at a certain point in its history, the renowned Swiss watchmaker sourced components from another company. Moreover, one that would eventually become one of their biggest competitors in the luxury segment of watchmaking. The Rolesium Sporting Princess boasts reptile-skin on the exterior of the clutch and a remarkable art deco presentation on the inside.

Check it out: here

Images courtesy of Charles Tearle