Owning a Rolex is already a mark of luxury that only a few can afford. However, what do you get when you surrender an iconic timepiece to the hands of master craftsmen in watchmaking? Thankfully, we now have an answer to that question. Tennis legend John McEnroe recently sought the services of Artisans de Genève to craft a bespoke piece. The donor watch is a Submariner Date that looks manages to look completely different but still retain familiar elements.

Not many can pull off this level of design without taking away the essence of the original model. Nevertheless, the Swiss workshop shows how years of experience can impart a stunning level of detail. After checking with the company’s official webpage, it’s clear that this John McEnroe collaboration might be a one-off piece.

Knowing that there is only one in existence just adds to its value. Hence, let’s dive in and check out what Artisans de Genève brings to the table. Starting off with a Rolex Submariner Date, the team is focusing on reworking some of its components. The open-work dial with indices in black adds to the overall magnificence.

Aside from the new skeleton dial, this Rolex Submariner Date sports several modifications. The steel bezel now comes with tungsten insert, while the original date disc gets a sapphire replacement. Running the show is a 3135 movement with some enhancements to adapt to the changes. A peek inside from the case back shows a tungsten rotor with an engraving of “John McEnroe” that reminds us of its unique nature.

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Images courtesy of Artisans de Genève