If you ever get a chance to own a superyacht, what would be its primary function? Will it be like every other luxury vessel out here that is primarily for relaxation, socializing, and entertainment? As for the rest, a focus on recreational activities like fishing would be awesome. Thus, the SF2603 is the model to consider for these types of affairs.

At 85 feet, this bad boy is a lot bigger than the boast most anglers take out to sea. Nevertheless, its size allows for more customization and extra amenities to enjoy when the day winds down. This twin-hull platform is brought to us by StellarPM. According to the company, the SF in the name apparently stands for sportfisherman.

The yard is yet to complete the first catamaran in the series given it’s still in the early phases. Still, the fact that an SF2603 is already in design and pre-production, fishing enthusiasts should commission theirs ASAP to sail out and hook some big fish once the ship has been delivered.

As we make our way to the aft of the superyacht, the section where the beach club’s swim platform is usually located features two fighting chairs on each sponson. It’s an ideal location to sit down, cast your line, and prepare for a backbreaking struggle against a variety of large game fish.

Meanwhile, hydraulic transom doors are available to aid with your catch. Don’t forget to reel them in as quickly as you can before the sharks take a bite out of your prize. In addition. The volumes across multiple decks of the SF2603 are ready for your personal touch. StellarPM outfits the catamaran with two Volvo IPS engines that can push it up to 21 knots.

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Images courtesy of StellarPM