With rising tensions in the Middle East right now, it’s not exactly the best destination to book a trip to anytime soon. However, when a peaceful resolution is eventually reached, a country to consider that’s brimming with historical landmarks and usually bustling with tourists would be Egypt. If you are interested, a cruise along the Nile River aboard the Viking Aton is the way to go.

Owned and operated by Viking Cruises, this latest hull is a “sister ship to Viking Osiris and Viking Hathor, the most upscale ships in Egypt.” This modern vessel boasts the very best Scandinavian design and engineering to provide guests with a luxurious experience from start to finish. It measures 236 feet and is manned by a crew of 48, which is more than enough to service up to 82 guests.

The itinerary you want to look for is listed as “Pharaohs & Pyramids” which spans a total of 12 days and 11 tours in Cairo. The various ports of call take you across various tourist spots to discover the rich history of the region, explore ancient temples, view breathtaking monuments, and shop at traditional markets. At the end of each day, you get to relax and enjoy all the top-notch amenities the Viking Aton has to offer.

In total, there are 2 Explorer Suites, 6 Veranda Suites, 21 Veranda Staterooms, and 12 Standard Staterooms. Depending on the type of accommodation you selected, the package includes a curated collection of premium extras to make it even more memorable. There is no shortage of stuff to do while on the cruise as you are granted access to the sun deck, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, and more.

“Specifically built to navigate the Nile River, our Egypt ships have been fully reimagined to international standards of comfort and elegance. With French balconies, hotel-style beds in every spacious stateroom and public areas bathed in light, these ships are the most sophisticated river ships sailing the region,” reads the press materials for the Viking Aton.

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Images courtesy of Viking Cruises