If you know sneakers, you’ve heard of Oliver Cabell several times before. They’re the hottest new sneaker brand right now, famed for its experimental turns on our favorite kicks. This time, they’re taking on a more eco-friendly project: the Oliver Cabell Phoenix Sacks, which are made from recycled bottles.

The new kicks are stylish, comfortable, and robust. Best of all, the Oliver Cabell Phoenix are pretty flexible in terms of what you want to pair them with, be it conventional streetwear or a more formal getup. The clean lines meld with a sharply defined profile and minimal colors to make for a sophisticated, subdued pair. Not to mention the construction of the Oliver Cabell Phoenix is pretty solid.

But that’s not what you came here for. The real highlight is that fact that they’re made from recycled bottles. Oliver Cabell sterilizes the bottles first, then cuts them into flakes, then spins them into a fiber and then uses a 3D printer to finish the process. Here’s Scott Gabrielson, founder of Oliver Cabell:

“Our mission has always been fairly simple. To marry the finest design, materials, and process with the latest technology, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses.” He adds the shoes exemplify such sentiments. “We feel that the Phoenix is the culmination of what we’ve been striving for since we launched.”

It’s hard to argue with Gabrielson. Though the construction novelty of the Oliver Cabell Phoenix could wear off after a few rounds of wear, it’s always a welcome change of pace when someone tries to innovate. Oliver Cabell has a ways to go before it can become the next Adidas or Nike, but this seems like a small step in the right direction.