Aside from the latest generation of gaming platforms, it’s also good to own other forms of entertainment. Sure a few rounds of video games against friends and family would be fun, but it might not appeal to others. Therefore, you could switch over to tabletop affairs like board games and playing cards. Theory11 is now offering The Infinity Saga set.

The last time we talked about the company’s premium playing cards was with the James Bond 007 version. We loved what we saw, and The Infinity Saga deck seems like an awesome tribute to the heroes and villains from the MCU.

It all started with Iron Man as the movies that followed led up to the climactic showdown between good and evil. Theory11 knows how to design its playing cards to visually match various IPs. It even shows in the packaging as we have a box full of intricate details fans would appreciate.

The colors black, gold, silver, and purple adorn the exterior. On the front, you have the Avengers logo dead center with emblems of each hero. The theme continues on the opposite side, but now has displays Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor.

On the sides, you will find The Infinity Saga print to make it easier to spot among other Theory11 Decks. It might just be our thing, but we recommend that you purchase more than one. Store the others for your growing collection and keep one handy when your gathering calls for playing cards.

Each of the court cards features high-quality images of our favorite characters with artistic tweaks. Even the ace cards feature callbacks to plot elements that were in the movies. Once more, we’re calling The Infinity Saga playing cards from Theory11 a must-have collectible.

Buy – $9.95

Images courtesy of Theory11