Your favorite motorcycle brand just unveiled the Yamaha XT-R lineup, with new ATVs and UTVs in tow. Meet the new models: Grizzly, Wolverine and YXZ1000R.

The XT-R is Yamaha’s new premium trim lineup. But premium in this case doesn’t stop at looks and aesthetics. The Yamaha XT-R line looks specifically designed for use in the harshest of terrain. Each model comes equipped with new radial tires, a Warn winch, and much more.

Each model from the Yamaha XT-R line gets assembled in the United States. And each model boasts a bevy of features. You get special edition paint jobs and advanced suspension, for instance. If you’re the kind of guy who wants to toughest option of the bunch, you should definitely go for the YXZ1000R SS. Built for extreme adventures, this model packs a 998cc liquid-cooled DOHC inline three-cylinder engine. You also get a five-speed manual transmission complete with a Yamaha Chip Controlled Technology, and Advanced FOX Dual Spring suspension.

As for the tires, you’ll find here some kickass Yamaha-exclusive Maxxis Carnage ones, and for the wheels, you’ve got Beadlock. Don’t worry about getting the urge to do some extreme activities at night, too. This thing has long-lasting bright LED headlights and taillights, plus some center-mounted auxiliary lights, to boot.

You can get all three Yamaha XT-R models now from the company. Pricing starts at $11,000. This thing arrives built for extreme off-roading. So if you’re an adventure junkie with lots of cash to burn, consider this an extremely decent option to quench your thirst for thrilling revs. Hit the link below to find out more.