When teasing something new, it’s extremely vital to make a big impact. The competition is fierce with companies doing their best to outdo whatever the other puts on the table. As such, one effective approach to throw out something totally eye-catching that all eyes fall upon whatever it is on show. Thus, we can honestly say that the Yamaha TRITOWN has our full attention from the moment of its unveiling.

The futuristic and captivating design will immediately draw you in, but it’s what’s behind the concept that makes it even more compelling. Just like any other company offering state-of-the-art transportation alternatives, the TRITOWN is an all-electric machine. It’s clear that electrification is the direction that the majority of businesses dealing with mobility plan are planning to follow.

Yamaha reveals that nature is the inspiration for the scooter concept’s dynamic form factor. In fact, the generous curvatures reflect what is rarely visible in the natural world – lines and angles. Just like a skeleton, the frame flaunts an open-work structure with transparent elements that add style to its sleek body.

Meanwhile, this three-wheel urban transport uses proprietary steering system called Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW). This allows the front two wheels to lean in tandem with the driver’s body for stability and better cornering performance. The Yamaha TRITOWN runs on a 380 Wh battery that in turn operates a 500-watt motor in the rear hub. Promising exceptional handling, the electric scooter is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. We are eager to see this concept become reality soon with rumors suggesting that it might be available soon.

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Images courtesy of Yamaha