It’s sad to say that 2021 might not be the year that we finally bid goodbye to COVID-19. Still, are ongoing developments that could eventually put an end to the pandemic. It might not be this year, but it’s better to remain hopeful. You can help by avoiding crowds and heading out of the urban jungle. Our readers who are in the United Kingdom might want to book a weekend at The Willow.

In fact, health experts have been telling us about how stress is wreaking havoc on our bodies. Thus, for the sake of our physical and mental wellbeing, we should consider a wonderful break from it all. Even if you are working from home amid these challenging times, getting some time off is necessary.

Therefore, pack just enough according to the length of your stay and travel to the countryside. Looking at the photos, makes us want to head on over to The Willow at every opportunity. The cabin affords a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside.

Its location is likewise idyllic as provides a feeling of being isolated from civilization. Pick the ideal way to relax, because The Willow has a lot to offer. Bask under the stars as you soak in the large hot tub.

Then, retreat into the creature comforts of your cabin which can accommodate up to four people. Sleeping arrangements include one double bed and two single beds. Despite the rustic atmosphere at The Willow, it is pleasantly modern.

There are two smart TVs and Wi-Fi connectivity, for when guests need to check the news or stream their favorite shows. If it were up to us, we would rather disconnect from technology and just enjoy being off-grid even for just a day at The Willow.

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Images courtesy of The Willow/Airbnb