The modern era not only saw the surge of high-rise constructions but also the popularity of modest living. Those who want to commune with nature and who value practicality over grandiose, see the beauty in living in tiny homes or homes on wheels. The ANNA Cabin offers both, with its dynamic structure that can easily be planted anywhere in the world.

If you fancy living by the sea, on a cliff, or on the mountain, then this fully inhabitable house is for you. It comes to you flat-packed so you can rebuild it anywhere you want. It “promises a sublime experience where you will find the perfect balance between home, nature and people.”

The ANNA Cabin is a moving wooden structure that adapts to its environment. The walls, called layers, have wheels that move along runners. This versatility allows the house to be as flexible as you want it to be. You can configure the layers depending on your desired space: if you want a simple closed cabin or an open space so you can bask in the surrounding natural scenery.

The cabin comes in three configurations: The ANNA Stay, ANNA Me, and ANNA Meet. Both the ANNA Stay and ANNA Me can turn into your living or sleeping space, a guesthouse, or a holiday retreat. The ANNA Meet is where you can host meetings, do yoga, or is for educational or office purposes.

The ANNA Cabin offers a kitchen, toilet, shower, a mezzanine level for a second bed, and storage space. A bedroom and lounge area can also be adjusted among the moving layers so you have a wide view of the great outdoors.

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Images courtesy of ANNA