The Gerber Mullet Keychain Tool is not your typical-looking multi-tool. What it lacks in physical flair it makes up for its practicality and efficiency in handling those unexpected daily tasks.

This everyday carry boasts nine utility tools you can work with and some you may find handy during unexpected fixes. It has a cross driver, a 1/4″ driver, scaper, and a nail puller. Likewise, it features a large flathead driver and a small flathead driver, wire stripper, and a pry bar. The addition of a bottle opener makes it a convenient item to carry around for those days when you want a cold drink after a hard day’s work.

This minimalistic piece is travel friendly. You can either carry it through its key ring or through the belt loop. Its unique shape eliminates the need for a carabiner or extra clip, thus it is optimized for belt loop carry.

The Gerber Mullet Keychain Tool boasts a solid-state frame without exposed sharp lines or curves to ensure safety during carrying and usage. This design also makes this ingenious device TSA friendly so you can take it anywhere with you around the globe.

This nifty device is portable and compact. It measures 3″ long and 3/4″ wide and lightweight at just 0.7 oz. It comes in stonewash or black color.

The Gerber Mullet Keychain Tool is durable enough to take on those tough home and outdoor fixes. It is made from stainless steel coated with PVD. It even doubles as a keychain as an added purpose.

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Gerber Mullet Keychain Tool Gerber Mullet Keychain Tool

Gerber Mullet Keychain Tool

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