The waterproof VSSL Camp + Suunto is a must-have for all your outdoor adventures. It brings you the convenience of an LED flashlight and a camping gear in one robust piece guaranteed for life.

This gear comes with a waterproof four-mode (floodlight, soft, red light, and SOS) 200-lumen flashlight that burns for 40 hours. The light sits on one end of its cylindrical body while Suunto’s precision KB-14 liquid-filled mechanical compass on the other end.

Despite its slim design, inside the tubular casing, holds 72 kits you may need for a date with Mother Nature. It has a mini first aid kit (6 bandages, 10 3M Steri-Strips, 2 antiseptic wipes, and 2 safety pins) and a firestarter kit which comprises of 10 waterproof matches, a striker, and 5 waterproof Tinder Quik fire starters.

You will also find a 25 feet marine-grade rope and extra sharp razor, one pure Canadian beeswax candle that burns for four hours, and a multipurpose tape.


Moreover, the VSSL Camp + Suunto has a wire saw with 60 lbs working strength, 10 Aquatab water purification tablets with 1-liter Whirl-Pak water bag, and bamboo cloth. An aluminum beadless whistle, 2 gear ties, a mini sewing kit, and a versatile P38 Military GI can opener.

This packable piece also has a fishing kit that comprises of 3 worms, 6 j-hooks, split shot, 1 bobber, and 35 ft of fishing line. Each kit/tools are packed in cylindrical containers marked with their respective purposes for easy distinction.

The VSSL Camp + Suunto is the perfect outdoor gear since it doesn’t weigh you down. It is lightweight at less than a pound and compact at just 9″ long and 2″ diameter. Crafted from military-grade aluminum, it is also practically indestructible.

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Images courtesy of VSSL