Decades ago, it was difficult to ask most men to use more than a bar of soap to prep themselves from head to toe. You’ll never see them use a hair masque, day and night creams, ampoules and serums, and other anti-aging skincare products to groom themselves.

Yet today, more and more men are becoming conscious of themselves. This is all thanks to the rise of the rejuvenated personal care routine, which is becoming a norm nowadays. However, although such a grooming routine exists, do most men know what to do with it?

You might be thinking about buying shaving creams, essences, cleansers, hair waxes, exfoliators, and sheet masks from online stores like Tools of Men. But is having all these enough? That’s why this post is here. In this post, you’ll learn how to create your own on-the-go grooming routine.

The Face Care Routine

When it comes to men’s grooming, the face should be listed as the top priority. After all, you wouldn’t want to see yours with acne, fine lines, wrinkles, or pimple marks. That’d be a bit embarrassing, right?

Below are the products you should use for a healthier, younger-looking, and more vibrant face.

Cleansing foams and solutions get rid of all the dirt and grime that have accumulated on your face. Dermatologists recommend cleaning your face with a gentle cleanser (without harmful chemicals and pH balanced) at least twice daily—morning and evening.

Applying moisturizers is an essential part of men’s grooming routine. This can help protect your skin from pollution and other environmental aggressors, such as sunlight, that can speed up your skin’s aging process. Dermatologists recommend applying a moisturizer twice daily, especially at night and during cold seasons.

The process of exfoliation removes extra skin from your face to reveal its natural, younger-looking glow. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be done every day because it can cause more harm than good. Experts recommend exfoliating your face using face scrubs or fine grain of salt mixed with cleansers once or twice a week.

Most people often confuse toners as a solution to close facial pores, but that’s not the case. Toners are used to remove the chemical residues after using a cleanser. If that’s the case, make sure to use one after washing your face or before applying a moisturizer.

These are concentrated liquids made with powerful active ingredients (e.g., extracts). It’s a moisturizer version 2.0 but made with smaller molecules than creams, allowing it to penetrate the skin much faster. Experts recommend applying serums before moisturizing.

With all that in mind, your face care routine should be like this: cleansing (or exfoliators), toners, serums, and moisturizers. Additional tip during the day: don’t forget to apply sunblock (at least SPF 5).

The Hair Care Routine

After the face care routine, it’s time to fix your hair. The first thing you need to do is get a proper haircut. Aim for a clean one suitable for your face shape and hair type. You can ask your hairstylist or barber for a style that can enhance your overall look.

Once you have the right haircut, it’s time to focus on taking care of your yourself and your hair. Here are the things you need to do:

Hair washing often involves the use of shampoos. Unfortunately, shampoos can strip your hair of its natural oils that protect the hair from pollution and other environmental aggregators. Experts recommend using shampoo every other day instead of every day.

After washing your hair thoroughly, it’s time to style it. You can use a pomade, gel, wax, hair crème, or clay to style your hair. Only use a pea-sized amount to prevent hair damage because of the chemicals found

Also, when washing your hair, make sure to use a conditioner after shampoo for softer and more moisturized hair. Without a conditioner, your hair will look dry and frizzy after a bath.

The Shaving Routine

If you’re one of the guys who hate growing facial hair because it doesn’t suit them, you should learn how to shave properly. Here are some steps for a good shave:

A warm bath helps soften the skin and open up the pores. This allows you to shave properly.

Exfoliate your skin before shaving to lift the hair and prevent hair ingrown in the process.

Shave flat surfaces like cheeks before the rough ones like the chin.

Splash your skin with cold water to close and tighten your pores after shaving. This prevents bacterial growth, which can result in acne.

Follow these simple steps for a great shave. In addition, don’t forget to use a high-quality razor with blades sharp enough to last long and cleanly remove hair.

Final Words

Men’s on-the-go grooming routine is simple and effective. It focuses on three essential areas: face care, hair care, and shaving. Following the guide above will help you look younger, fresher, and more handsome, enough to intimidate other guys and make women fall for you.