We love trippy architecture. The wacky and avant garde A House To Die In concept in Oslo had us reeling with amazement. The Twist Museum is yet another sterling contribution from Norway.

From Bjarke Ingels Group (no surprise, really), this tremendously awe-striking puzzle of a structure doubles as a museum and a bridge. It’s made up of contorting aluminum panels that span the distance over the Randselva River, effectively joining the north and south river fronts of the park.

Go inside the Twist Mesum and you’ll find a spacious 15,000-square feet spotless portal. Guests can stroll through the naturally illuminated gallery. They’ll witness massive picture windows on the side for scenic views of the surrounding nature. Bjarke Ingels on the concept:

“Our proposal for a new art museum acts like a second bridge in the sculpture park, forming a continuous loop across both riverbanks.”

The delicate twisting form comprises of completely straight lines, if you can believe that. Each comes angled differently so as to achieve a continuous curve. The resulting “twist” of the Twist Mesum not only looks dazzling from the outside, but inside it creates a wonderful effect, too. The structure renders a petal-like form mid-way through the bridge, almost guiding guests’ path across.

The 60-meter Twist Museum bridge has just opened to museum guests. The designers hope this architectural “twist,” including future plans for exhibitions, may result in double the attendance come 2020. Check out pictures of the Twist Mesum below. Hit the link to learn more about the space.


Photos courtesy of Bjarke Ingels Group