The Subtech Sports Pro Drycase is an everyday carry for the urban commuter and the outdoor adventurer alike. It protects your laptop from external forces without the added bulk.

Designed for extreme outdoor enthusiasts and athletes, this case is IPX-8 waterproof. You can submerge it underwater at 16 feet deep for an hour and it retains its waterproof quality. It still prevents water from seeping inside. Likewise, it is shock-proof so it protects your laptop from accidental knocks, drops, bumps, and scratches.

The Subtech Sports Pro Drycase uses water-resistant zippers, layers of silicon 50 and EVA with enforced edges to ensure the ultimate protection for your gear. The use of self-healing silicon allows the scratches on the surface to heal itself and over time become invisible.

Meanwhile, gel-infused memory foam allows your laptop to mold seamlessly to ensure protection and snug fit. It also gives you a good grip on the surface to prevent accidental drops while on the go.

The Subtech Sports Pro Drycase is a must-have for any outdoor expeditions be it at the beach, the pool, or under a downpour or snowfall. It not only provides optimum protection by keeping sand, water, and humidity out. It also does not cramp up your style nor add heft to your activity or daily commutes. This tech gear only weighs 14 ounces and only adds 0.3 inches to the thickness of your laptop. This makes it portable enough to hand-carry and does not take up a lot of space in your bag. It boasts a solid and robust piece while looking effortlessly sleek.

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Subtech Sports Pro Drycase Subtech Sports Pro Drycase

Subtech Sports Pro Drycase

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