As carmakers continue to innovate their machines each time a new model hits showrooms, so do others that cater to platforms beyond solid ground. Just as we welcome upgrades that make land transportation perform even better, the same applies to those on open water. Thus, Belassi is eager to tell us how far the Burrasca can push the limits.

You’ve probably been hearing the term “hypercar” being thrown around in automotive circles. To qualify as such, the vehicle must embody cutting-edge characteristics that only a few or none can match. Belassi believes its Burrasca can do just that and thereby describes it as a marine “Hypercraft.”

Before anything else, the build starts with the right materials. According to Belassi, the body uses approximately 20 square feet of carbon fiber and 140 square feet of glass fiber. To endow it with exceptional durability these undergo a vacuum infusion process.

Unlike other manufacturers that source some of their components from global supply chains, the Austrian group does not. To have complete control over every aspect of the Burrasca, all production is done in-house. Moreover, they’re assembling everything by hand.

At the heart of it all is the Marine Power Unit 320 – a 1,602-cc, 3-cylinder, 4-stroke turbocharged engine. As the name implies, it promises an output of 320 horsepower. In other words, it should outpace any other personal watercraft. Also, it can accommodate up to two people on board.

The Burrasca also features two dashboards that provide all the necessary information such as speed, fuel consumption, cruise control status, and more. Belassi even equips it with a g-meter to show you that they’re not kidding when it comes to speed. Just don’t forget to apply some sunscreen before you head out.

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Images courtesy of Belassi