After featuring some of the world’s most jaw-dropping luxury vessels, we’re shifting over to something a lot smaller and more affordable. Not everyone has near-limitless resources to bankroll extravagant projects like a massive ship. Instead, we would rather choose a watercraft that’s easier to transport and helps us enjoy our favorite leisurely activities. The Mirage Lynx from Hobie appears to fit the bill.

Floating and paddling on a kayak is already a treat for a lot of folks. Its smaller size also lets us access more waterways compared to bigger boats. Normally, the main method of moving around on one is by paddling. Nobody has issues with how this works, but it does keep your hands occupied. Hobie addresses that via a pedal-powered propulsion system.

With your legs now doing all the work, your hands are now free to grab a beer, a fishing pole, and more. To answer another question, yes, the Mirage Lynx remains functional in shallow water. Even in areas with hazards such as rocks underwater, Hobie’s MirageDrive 180 and its kick-up fins will surpass expectations.

You can even switch between forward and reverse to maneuver in tight spots. For superior comfort, the elevated seat is wrapped in mono-mesh fabric. Meanwhile, the standing pad features EVA foam lining. If you fancy drinking your favorite beverage while on the go, a cup holder is available on the seat.

The kayak’s body is durable yet lightweight for easy loading and transport. Hobie calls it their ACE-TEC technology. Meanwhile, the H-Rail system lets owners attach Hobie’s Bimini Sunshade, Sail Kit, and other optional accessories. The Mirage Lynx has a lot to offer folks who love to spend their free time at the beach, lakes, and other bodies of water.

Buy – $2,699

Images courtesy of Hobie