For high-performance automobiles, manufacturers are racing against one another in building the fastest and most ridiculous machines. Right each one strives to earn the hypercar distinction by going overboard with horsepower and futuristic features. Meanwhile, for watercraft, the trend seems to be who has the largest and most unique vessel. There are already a lot of contenders in this space which is why the ShadowCAT caters to a special segment.

Before anything else, we already know that many modern yachts are more than capable of hauling more than just passengers. Depending on the size of the ship, it can accommodate helicopters, submersibles, tenders, and other high-tech toys. In fact, there are those with integrated garages to hold luxury rides. What the ShadowCAT proposes is a solution when wealthy owners run out of room.

The company offers to build a bespoke catamaran that would act as a support vessel. ShadowCAT notes that the amenities on the twin-hulled ship are top-class. With this, clients can optimize the space on their yachts for even more guests. With their auxiliary items on board the other, they can go for more accommodations instead.

There are seating areas, fuel storage, entertainment areas, dive rooms, and medical facilities, among others. All furnishings and finishes are certainly lavish enough to keep you and your company happy throughout the trip. Just tell that shipbuilder what you need, and they’ll gladly make it happen.

As long as it does not compromise safety and functionality, you can practically configure your catamaran the way you like it. The ShadowCAT is a crazy way for the elite to flex their riches. This is no yacht tender we’re talking about here. It might as well be the main vessel if not for its utilitarian functions.

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Images courtesy of ShadowCAT