You know Samsung makes some of the best phones of this generation, but did you know it also has other cool stuff as well? Its latest smart product is the Samsung AirDresser. Is it a closet? A mirror? Is it a steam pressure? Well, how about all of the above?

The Samsung AirDresser is a standalone closet that not only stores your clothes, but also cleans and straightens them out. Just hang them up inside and walk away. Simple as that. Much like the LG Styler, the idea is you hang your shirts, pants, sweaters, and other articles of clothing, and leave them to be heated and steamed as you attend to other tasks.

The Samsung AirDresser debuted at the IFA 2019 consumer trade show. It should appeal to business yuppies pressed for time each day when it comes to neat clothing. The fact that it looks and feels like a closet is one of the greatest factors of the Samsung AirDresser. No need to hide it in the basement. It’ll blend perfectly inside any chic bedroom.

As for the specs, you get a JetAir system and Air Hangers to blast your clothes with rapid-moving air. You’ll also find a Jet Steam system that sanitizes your clothes, plus various filters and dryers for the complete experience.

Samsung has yet to announce a price point for this bad boy, though based on similar devices, expect somewhere between $1,00 to $2,000. The LG Styler cost $1,999 when it came out in 2015, and the Samsung AirDresser appears closest in terms of form and function. Expect a price tag hovering around that mark.