When you have money to burn, one key grandiose way to let everyone else know about your wealth is to own a yacht. It gets even better. Since nobody likes to have any run-of-the-mill setups for their extravagant investment, shipbuilders will cater to almost anything you want to have on board. To give you an idea of how far some designers can take it, check out the Now concept from Piredda & Partners.

That’s no typo right there because are calling their concept design as such. This 360-foot superyacht is perhaps the most in-your-face statement anyone with deep pockets can give their rivals. Headlining this sleek watercraft are amenities that one does not usually find on vessels like these.

There’s four VIP suites, four guest cabins, as well as a two-storey lounge. Meanwhile, the owner has full access to a private deck that has his personal accommodations and more. Those lucky enough to come aboard will have huge lavish spaces to move around in.

The delight continues as the usual facilities such as an infinity pool and jacuzzi are likewise available. Entertainment options are bountiful as well with a movie theater, an arcade, and a basketball court. The Now can also use the space as a helipad. Just so you can arrive in style just like most rich people do.

Propulsion will be generated by a hybrid diesel-electric system A crew of 41 would be required to keep everything shipshape on this vessel. If we have a choice, this would be the best way to spend our time while we wait for the whole pandemic to blow over. The Now is currently exists as an idea in digital space, but Piredda & Partners will likely find someone crazy enough to fund it into reality.

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Images courtesy of Piredda & Partners