The awesome truth is, we don’t really outgrow the stuff we enjoyed as kids, especially our favorite toys. Aside from action figures, scale models of vehicles were huge back in the day. Those into R/C cars in the 80’s are in for a treat when they see The Little Car Company x Tamiya Wild One MAX. This time, both kids and adults can actually drive an 8:10 replica.

In 2012, the Japanese company reissued the 1:10 scale Wild One to the delight of collectors. Probably after its encouraging turnout, its executives set their sights on something even bigger. The Little Car Company x Tamiya Wild One MAX is not due to be out until 2022, but preorders are now open.

It’s not yet final, but the approximate cost of this compact driveable machine is approximately a little over $8,000. The Little Car Company x Tamiya Wild One MAX measures 137.8 inches long and 70.8 inches wide. This small buggy tips the scales at 551 lbs and can fit both kids and adults thanks to its adjustable seat.

More like an all-electric ATV, this off-road-ready junior car can handle rough patches. The spaceframe chassis is formidable against jumps and bumps with the help of its coil-over suspension and 15-inch all-terrain tires. Dependable stopping power comes from the Brembo brake system.

Inside the cockpit are digital instruments, a three-point harness, and a race-ready steering wheel. The Little Car Company x Tamiya Wild One MAX can hit a top speed of 30 mph and a max range of 25 miles on a full charge. Optional upgrades will be available down the line to boost performance and conform to regulations so you can drive it on public roads.

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Images courtesy of The Little Car Company/Tamiya