Earlier this week we had a blast showcasing an awesome collection of items that are going up for auction soon. Bonhams is hosting the event at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed Sale. This particular lot includes four outstanding children’s car replicas of iconic vehicles.

Amazingly, one of the entries was previously owned by the Royal Family and comes with provenance to support the claim. In the meantime, fans of high-performance rides will certainly love the McLaren 720S Ride-On.

This cool little machine is an all-electric automotive toy for kids. In our opinion, it’s also a good opportunity to finally own a McLaren, albeit a children’s car version instead. Nevertheless, we’re confident that collectors who already own actual full-size vehicles from the British marque will still want to grab one.

It’s probably the fanciest way you can share your love of supercars with the younger generation, It’s uncanny how this compact ride looks so much like the actual 720S minus the roof.

On the other hand, it even manages to copy the butterfly doors of the actual supercar and we love it. As indicated above, this toy replica runs on batteries but produces engine sounds to enhance the experience. Parents can let their kids take control of the operation using the pedal and steering wheel.

You can likewise switch over to remote control mode to take control of the McLaren 720S Ride-On. This option lets you take your kids for a ride, while they just sit back and relax. To our surprise, the built-in infotainment system is fully functional so kids can watch movies or listen to tunes while riding.

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Images courtesy of McLaren