Nike unveils its newest proprietary cushioning system, called Joyride. Like most of its previous systems, this new variant is lightweight, offers a high level of energy return. But what makes it unique is that it boasts thousands of little TPE beads, placed strategically in areas where the foot lands when in motion.

This new system has been years in the making, according to Nike. The company drew inspiration from a common observation that runners preferred walking or running on softer ground over concrete paths in cities.

“We took that insight and married it with this notion of sand,” says Nike executive Barton. “‘[in essence] that sensation of taking your shoes and socks off at the beach, where you first step onto it and it conforms to your toes and your feet.”

In effect, wearing the Joyride Run Flyknit shoes is like stepping on bubbles, but we’ve yet to test how true that is. On paper, the technology seems pretty impressive. Those TPE beds can bend and flex in all directions, which explains why Nike calls this system multi-dimensional displacement. In effect, it means each wearer can enjoy a personalized experience.

The system will make a debut via a new pair of kicks called the Joyride Run Flyknit. Unfortunately, it will be handed off only to members on July 25. Don’t fret, though — the general public can purchase a pair come August 15. It will cost $180. More Joyride variants will come out through to September. For more information, make sure to hit the link below.


Photos courtesy of Nike